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What’s Your Winning Personality?

Imagine … the PCH Prize Patrol knocks on your door and places a “Big Check” in your hands! After you calm down and understand that this cash windfall really is yours, what would your winning personality be?

Would you be a SPENDER?

Here’s your chance to fulfill those fantasies of cruising the countryside in a new convertible or buying a beautiful new wardrobe! What about a vacation to Venice with a layover in London? If you were to win the $15,000,000 Summer Prize Event next week, the world would become your oyster!


You could tuck that tremendous check away and save it for a rainy day! All that money certainly would make for a relaxed retirement. Invest wisely and you could continue to earn thousands in interest. Either way, you’d have the financial freedom to solve nearly any problem, anytime.

How about a GIVER?

Sharing is caring! Would you share your fresh fortune with family, friends, or those less fortunate? After all, studies show that spending money on others makes you happier than spending it on yourself! And who couldn’t use a little more happiness in life?

With PCH, you could win enough money to buy your own island.

Hmm… decisions, decisions, decisions.

Growing up, I was a bit of a shopaholic. Ok fine, I was a HUGE shopaholic! Every store always had something I liked, loved, wanted, or just plain NEEDED. No matter how I was feeling, there was nothing the swipe of my credit card couldn’t cure!

Then came college!

With the added expenses of tuition and rent, my spending habits needed to lay low as my bank statement was flying high. I quickly went from spender to saver!

However, if I won the PCH $15,000,000 Summer Prize Event, I wouldn’t hesitate to go on a satisfying spending spree! Now that I’d be flush with cash, I’d book it to the nearest boutique or hop on the first flight for France! (Unfortunately, I recently learned that all PCH employees – even interns like me – are exempt from winning.)

What would you do? What would your winning personality be if you won the $15,000,000 Summer Prize Event? Enter before the midnight (ET) deadline on August 28 and you could find out in just days!

Pondering all the possibilities should be enough motivation to enter every day in every way!

Lauren M.
PCH Creative

P.S. Don’t forget to tell us what your winning personality would be in the Comments below!

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