Motivational Monday: Success = Trying 1 More Time!

Another Motivational Monday, another reason to celebrate! This past week the Prize Patrol awarded a HUGE prize of $1,000,000  to Jane Goodwin of Randolph, MA. Congratulations to Jane on winning the SuperPrize from Publishers Clearing House! We are so happy and excited for our newest winner!

For those of you who may be feeling discouraged – stay motivated, positive, and keep on entering! PCH has hundreds of more ways that you could WIN BIG. Your continued loyalty has been noticed, and PCH’s specialty is to REWARD motivated fans just like YOU! So keep trying… because it’s important to always try just one more time if you hope to succeed!

Here are ways that you can stay in it to WIN IT!

1. Day to Day with PCH!

Start up a PCH routine! Remind yourself to keep at what you’re doing to achieve your goal. We’re here to help with that, PCH wants to reassure you with each email, blog post, and prize opportunity that you are still in it to win it! Thomas Edison said it best, “The most certain way to succeed is to try just one more time” try one more time, and if that time doesn’t work out try again! Keep the faith and keep on trying!

2. Personalize Your PCH Routine!

Make your PCH routine unique to you! Enter for prizes the way you want to! PCH has multiple platforms like PCH Search&Win, PCHgames, and PCHlotto to make it easy for YOU, our loyal fans, to routinely enter to win! Pick the PCH routine that works best for your day to day! We don’t want you to miss out… so keep searching, playing, and entering!

3. We do our part!

The most certain way to succeed is to always try one more time, with your PCH routine you could be REWARDED! We love to reward our fans! This is why PCH provides so many prizes ranging from instant win to SuperPrizes! We know that you have kept the faith, hope, and determination in searching and playing so don’t stop, your effort is noticed! You never know which entry will be a winner, the next big winner could be YOU! Keep up your PCH routine, your REWARD could be just around the corner!

Thank you for your continued support, we wish you the best of luck in entering! AND remember to always try one more time!

And you know we at PCH love to hear from you all… comment down below and tell us your PCH routine!

Francesca B.
PCH Creative

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  1. I want my name on Luckys check…Russell Alltop..the new winner for this gwy8800 summer prize event September 13, 2017 early look

  2. I was very depressed years ago but I woke up one morning saying that each day is a new beginning and a day to try and be better and grow from learning and don’t judge yourself to be the best and greatest but be who God wants you to be , yourself ! That’s why I try everyday and my love for cats and dogs and horses which I do not have any pets at this time I really want again so that would be my motivational Monday I believe pets complete a happy home and environment and companionship !

  3. The whole thing is very confusing…….where to push… this one game or forty… it one game or a years worth? How many real prizes are there… is very confusing to know where to push and not to push!

  4. If I ever needed to win it’s now. My poor doggie Dillin he’s a little Yorkie he’s such a good boy well he’s sick something’s going on he’s having like little doggie strokes he gets up and trembles and his eyes go weird and he can’t stand up. I cry he’s only 4 yrs old but I don’t have the money to take him to the vet. If anything happens to him I wanna go with him he’s my everything. So if I ever do have a chance of winning and believe me I’m playing all day everyday I hope I win soon I know everyone has a story. Well that’s mine and my little Dillins. Good luck to everyone but I need to win something for my doggie.

  5. I wanna win I’ve never won anything big. I’m just an unlucky person. I’ve been playing since 2008 oh but I did win ten dollars from PCH but that’s it and Thank you I don’t wanna seem ungrateful. I wanna win something big. I’ll keep on trying though. Hopefully one day I’ll get to meet ya all I hope I hope I hope.

  6. I have faith and still hoping, i playing everyday , i don’t have enaugh sleep because of my PCH GAMES. for Still hopping I HAVE FAITH ANG NEVER GIVE UP!