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What’s In Your Dream Kitchen?

The kitchen is always one of the first rooms homeowners remodel whenever they get the chance. But, there’s a difference between updating a kitchen and building your dream kitchen. Dream kitchens are those that have all the bells and whistles and as a result, they’re often just that: dreams.

But, by entering the Publishers Clearing House Dream Home Sweepstakes, you could win enough money to give yourself the kitchen of a lifetime. Imagine your home decked out with dream kitchen appliances, gadgets, and all of the latest conveniences. If you’re unsure about where to start with your kitchen redesign, here are some ideas to help you out.

Oven with Food Warming Drawers

There’s nothing more frustrating (or embarrassing) than serving Thanksgiving dinner only to discover that all of your sides have gone cold while you were letting the turkey rest. It was for this reason that many premium brand kitchen appliance manufacturers started incorporating warming drawers in their ovens. Just pull the out the drawer and dish out your sides and everyone will enjoy fresh and warm food every time.

Cooking Range with a Convection and Steam Combo Oven and a Warming Drawer

Another luxury option for your range is to have one with a built-in convection and steam combo. This will allow you to cook a variety of different foods at one time. And, the included dish warming drawer will ensure that every one of your guests have wonderfully toasty warm plates to help prevent food from cooling off too quickly.

Built-In Refrigerator

Refrigerators are big and bulky and they take up a lot of floor space in the kitchen. This is why built-in refrigerators are so popular with luxury kitchen remodels. The refrigerator is specially designed for in-wall installation so you’re left with a more open floorplan and a sexy looking fridge.

Coffee Brewing Faucet

If you love coffee, and we mean really love coffee, then you’re going to find the coffee brewing faucet to be a must-have. This system features a touch display on which you can choose the type of coffee you want to have. Then, just set your cup below the faucet and your fresh cup of joe will be dispensed.

Dishwasher Drawers

Having a luxury kitchen is all about convenience and style and nothing reflects those two attributes better than a dishwasher drawer system. With this system, you just pull out the drawer, pile your dirty dishes, cups, and flatware in and set it to wash. It operates quietly and efficiently and leaves everything sparkling clean.

Built-In Deep Fryer

Deep frying foods isn’t the healthiest option but sometimes you want to indulge. And what better way to make a batch of crispy fries than using a built-in deep fryer in your kitchen? Fry until your heart’s content and then just turn off the fryer, lower the lid, and you’re done. No more messy oil spills all over your range top.

Play the Dream Home Sweepstakes and Start Planning Your Dream Kitchen

Of course, the above appliances and gadgets aren’t cheap. It’s why they aren’t found in the traditional kitchen. But, they can be yours if you enter and win the Publishers Clearing House Dream Home Sweepstakes. Entering is free and easy and should you be the lucky winner, you’ll have more than enough money to give yourself the kitchen of your dreams.

Good luck!

Dave D.
For PCH Creative

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