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10 Fun Fall Activities

Fall is one of the best times of the year because the weather is dry and cool and the changing colors of the leaves makes even a trip to the grocery store a delight. It’s also one of the best seasons for doing things with the family.

Looking for some ideas? Here are ten fun fall activities to do that will be sure to make this season a memorable one.

#1: Take A Hot Air Balloon Ride

It’s one thing seeing the changing of the leaves from ground level; it’s an entirely different experience seeing it from high above. A hot air balloon ride is the perfect way to spend an afternoon in autumn with the family. Up high, the air is cool and crisp while down below you’ll be awarded unbelievable sights and photographic opportunities.

#2: Pick Some Apples

Fall is apple-picking season because this is when the delicious fruit is at its peak of ripeness. In the fall, it’s always fun to find a local orchard that allows guests to pick their own apples. Pick a bushel and make your own apple pies, apple fritters, apple cider, and other sweet or savory dishes.

#3: Go Camping

There’s no better way to “get back to nature” than by taking a camping trip. Fall weather is ideal for Gascamping because it’s cool and dry during the days with chilly nights that are perfect for sitting by the fire, telling tales, and indulging in s’mores. Enter Publishers Clearing House’s Casting for Cash Sweepstakes and you could win up to $50,000 for the camping trip of your dreams!

#4: Host A Big Summer-Ending Bash

What better way to welcome fall than by saying goodbye to summer with a big backyard summer-ending bash? Invite all of your friends and family and revel in the changing of the seasons. Say goodbye to hot, humid days and hello to cooler weather. If you’re afraid you won’t be able to afford such a shindig, take a moment and enter the Gas & Groceries Sweepstakes at Publishers Clearing House for a chance at winning $25,000. That will more than cover the cost of your party and you’ll have plenty of money left over to use on whatever you want.

#5: Go Pick Some Pumpkins

Pumpkins make beautiful accent pieces for your home’s outdoor fall décor. Plus, you’ll also be needing a few for your traditional Halloween carvings. So, take the family out for a day picking pumpkins. After picking, stop for some hot chocolate to warm everyone up.

#6: Take A Long Drive Through The Countryside

There’s something about driving in the fall that is just wonderful. Seeing the trees is, of course, a highlight, but there’s also a mystical feel to these drives that makes them feel as if you’re visiting another world. Then there’s all of the roadside eateries and other charming stores you come across when you venture beyond your usual routes. At Publishers Clearing House, we can make this drive even more enjoyable. Just enter our sweepstakes to win a brand new Ford F-150 truck and you could be driving in style this fall.

#7: Go For A Nature Hike

Thanks to fall’s clear, cool weather and colorful leaves, it’s the perfect season for taking a nature hike. Take a backpack filled with your essential gear, food, and water and set out for an expedition into the woods. Don’t forget your camera, because odds are you’ll come across all manner of wildlife and other amazing sights.

#8: Take A First Class Vacation

If you’re someone who hates to see summer go, then why not book a luxury vacation to an island getaway in the fall so you can enjoy the warmth and sunshine you’ll be missing? If you don’t think you have a fall vacation in your budget, then let Publishers Clearing House take care of it for you. Just enter our Hawaii Sweepstakes for a chance to win $50,000 to put toward the vacation of your dreams.

#9: Relax Without Worries

After a long arduous summer of mowing the lawn, painting the house, tending the garden, and all of the other tasks you had to tackle on a weekly basis, fall is prime time for relaxing. There will be leaves to pick up eventually, but for a few weeks you can sit back and relax. And, what would help you relax without worries better than having $15,000 dollars in your pocket? All you have to do is enter the Publishers Clearing House Serenity Sweepstakes and this could be your reality.

#10: Get Ready For The Holidays

Once fall rolls in, time seems to speed up, especially after Halloween. The holidays come in rapid-fire succession and this can be a very expensive time for most families. But, entering the $1 Million Plus Bonus Sweepstakes at Publishers Clearing House can earn you one million dollars and up to $50,000 more. Imagine what kind of holidays you could enjoy with your family if you were the lucky one to win that!

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