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Ways YOU Could Spend $1,000 A Day For Life (That Means EVERY Day)!

PCH pals, I’ll start out by saying that I’m sure you’d need NO help spending your fortune if you won $1,000 A Day For Life in our October 13th “Special Early Look” Prize Event. But, with this PCH prize day so close, I want you to really think about how your entry right now could wind up affecting your life every single day.

To get you “in the mood” for entering now and every way you can, I’ve come up with some fun –– and a bit wacky — ideas for spending $1,000 every day.

Here are my ideas for spending $1,000 daily. TELL US YOURS!

Picture yourself waving to your neighbors as you sail by in a gorgeous Rolls “Ghost.” Not your cup of tea for spending $1,000 of Free Money every day?   Wait … how about this …

And those aren’t even the MOST expensive chocolates you can buy!  With a PCH Prize giving you $1,000 to spend every day for life, you could splurge on plenty of any pricey treat you might fancy – from truffles to fine champagne – and not think twice about the price tag!

Or maybe you’d love to be able to “share the wealth” with other folks in fun, imaginative ways.   How about using your daily $1,000 to do this:


Wouldn’t that be a grand gesture?  With $1,000 coming in every day for life, you can make every generous daydream come true.  For instance, how cool would it be to do this

Or how about spending $1,000 to give your loved ones a special thrill, with a day of fun that they’ll never forget:

And, of course, there will be ANOTHER $1,000 to spend the next day and the next, so you and family can enjoy all the fun and enchantment for as long as you like!

Starting next Friday, you could have a daily $1,000 to spend — for LIFE. BUT YOU MUST DO THIS TODAY:

YOU know what I’m going to say: enter, Enter, ENTER  as many times and in as many ways you can – click this link to find out howAny FREE sweepstakes entry could return the winning PCH prize number – which would send our Prize Patrol out on a $1,000 A Day For Life “delivery” in a few days.

Of course, there’s always the chance that the winning number for this fabulous prize event will NOT be returned on time.  It happens. But then we’ll go right to a second chance drawing, and award a cool Million Dollars to the winner on October 13th — guaranteed. We’re determined to bring someone a BIG prize next week, no matter what!

Now it’s your turn to share, my friends.

Tell us ways YOU’D spend $1,000 every day in the “Comments” section below.

Go ahead and share your ideas — the more extravagant, funny and “out of the box” the better!  But promise me: Enter today, tomorrow and every day you can. I’m rooting for you to win!

Your PCH friend,

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