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Motivational Monday: Will You Think Positively?

Mondays could be rough, especially after your name wasn’t the one on our latest “Big Check”. I hope you were happy that a fellow PCH fan won, but I understand how you could feel a little down that it wasn’t you. So I’m writing this Motivational Monday to implore some of you discouraged fans to think positively and keep the faith!

Here’s a quick fun fact about myself, I LOVE Kung Fu movies. There’s never been a more famous Kung Fu movie star than Bruce Lee. Anyone familiar with him will know how exceptional his talents are, and how those talents propelled him to become the legend that he is. But it was never promised.

Bruce Lee knew he would not be given anything in life. As he played in many of his movies, he grew up an underdog in the world of Kung Fu. But he wouldn’t let his small stature determine his fate. He never gave up, and worked and worked and believed in himself until he became the Bruce Lee we all know today.

I feel this quote from him is perfect for this Motivational Monday. Let me explain why. Many of our winners had been playing for years, for decades before they ended up winning. But they stayed in it to win it, and despite years going past without winning, they would always think positively and believed they could win.

They thought, they became. It’s so important to think positively. Not only could it affect how you feel and how you act, it can affect your whole outlook on life. And you never know when something incredible will happen!

Don’t think of this Winning Moment as one in which you didn’t win, especially when there are so many ways to look at it positively. The most important being that a fellow PCH fan won! If they won, why couldn’t you? Think of today as the first day toward your very own Winning Moment!

It’s easy to get discouraged, but do you have the determination to overcome any challenge and keep going? I hope this Motivational Monday could help you keep the faith. Bruce Lee kept it. Past winners kept it. Will you?

Good luck!

Joe W.
PCH Creative

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