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Are You Entering The Free Contests And Sweepstakes At PCH?

It’s no great secret that everybody (or at least, everybody I know) wants to be rich. The problem is that there are incredibly few ways to make this happen that are both fast … and legal! However, that opens the door for contests and sweepstakes that can pay huge sums and award valuable prizes.

Check out the chart below that lists four of the most commonly cited ways to get rich. After some simple analysis, two things become painfully clear – (1) it takes money to make money and (2) traditional routes to riches take too long. And while patience may be a virtue for some, those facing financial crises often NEED MONEY NOW!

All are good ideas, but it seems you need to have money to make money

Another item that could appear on the list above would be “don’t buy stupid stuff” – like lottery cards. Are lottery cards really a waste of your money? The simple answer is yes, and the ugly truth is that Americans spend more than $70 BILLION per year on lottery tickets – an average of more than $300 per person!

Enter Contests And Sweepstakes For FREE At PCH!

At Publishers Clearing House we have dozens of contests and sweepstakes  that you can enter right now, many of which could pay off instantly. For example, there are hundreds of instant-win cash opportunities per day, drawings every night for thousands of dollars – including one that could make you a millionaire – and we keep introducing new ways for you to win cash! And every sweepstakes and contest at PCH is always 100% FREE to enter and to win!

An easy 1-2-3 plan for getting started at Publishers Clearing House.

FREE Sweepstakes

 Next, visit our PCH Sweepstakes page where you can enter nearly 30 different sweepstakes. And you can enter every day on your computer, mobile phone, and tablet. As you enter, you’ll also win a ton of tokens. What good are tokens, you say? Check out the PCH Rewards Token Exchange and gaze at all the cash awards, gift cards, and cool prizes that could be won when you redeem your tokens for entries!

Just a small sampling of the many contests and sweepstakes offered everyday by PCH.

And not that I planned on saving the best for last, but you also can get multiple entries to the SuperPrize at and other PCH websites and PCH apps. The current “Turn Back Time” SuperPrize could award a winner with $2,600,000 immediately – that’s 10 years’ worth of $5,000 weekly payments – plus $5,000 A Week For Life! And prize event day is Dec. 22, so you could receive a “Big Check” from the Prize Patrol within weeks!

And there you have it! Publishers Clearing House is, literally, a clearinghouse for some of the best contests and sweepstakes on the Internet. It doesn’t take a single penny to enter any contest or play any game, so Publishers Clearing House may well be your best bet for getting rich!

Stop dreaming about it and start doing it – everyday at  and at our other fun websites and apps!

Russell S.
PCH Creative


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