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Did You Win Cash or Prizes In October from PCHSearch&Win?

October is ending, which means three things: it’s finally starting to feel like fall in New York … it’s time for the Month in Winning from PCHSearch&Win… and just about everything edible seems to come in pumpkin spice flavor. Now this might be blasphemous for some of you, but I hate pumpkin spice. I don’t get why it’s a thing, and why everyone is so obsessed with getting pumpkin spice flavored everything. No thanks.

But I do love the fall. The leaves changing colors. The crisp cool air. Football games get more competitive. And we’re not too far from the holiday season. I love it all! Just not, you know, that nasty pumpkin spice.

As we say goodbye to October, we can say hello to a whole lot of instant win sweepstakes winners from this month. Check out a handful from this Month In Winning:

You could win cash and prizes by searching at PCHSearch&Win!

Again, this is just a very small sample of fans who win cash and other great prizes just by searching at PCHSearch&Win. From New York, to California, to everywhere in between — and even Hawaii! — people all across America have found how easily they could win in this instant win sweepstakes.

Whether you’re searching for the latest fall fashions or are curious to learn a quick and easy pumpkin spice recipes (gross), you’ll need to look up certain things throughout the month. And PCHSearch&Win is the only search engine where you could Win Cash and Gift Cards.

So before you go searching online throughout November, remember this list of instant win sweepstakes winners, and search at PCHSearch&Win for your chance to win! You could appear in November’s month in winning.

Good Luck!

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