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October’s HOT With Prize-Action: See Who’s Winning at!

Wow, what a month! October really sizzled with prize-action at PCH, as we awarded thousands of dollars in cash prizes to our daily winners, PLUS a millionaire-making fortune to our 10/13 SuperPrize winner. Let’s see who’s winning at and find out how you can get onto the PCH winners list next month!

First, let’s hear it for our newest SuperPrize winner Fran Chargar from Suffern, NY who got the surprise of a lifetime (well, TWO BIG surprises, actually)! The first, for an incredible $1,000,00 SuperPrize, and the other for $10,000 each and every year for life (that’s on top of the $1 Million prize)! Fran couldn’t believe her good fortune: “Two Checks – Oh My God!”.  She plans to use her winnings to pay off bills and move!

Now, let’s check out our token exchange winners at These folks earned tokens for their activity on our site and redeemed them at the Token Exchange  for chances to win exciting prizes – and they won! winnersNow – with all this winning happening at, you may be asking yourself:

“How can I win money and prizes using PCH tokens?”

Good question! First, in order to exchange tokens for chances to win prizes (like these smart folks did!), you have to earn them. Don’t worry – it’s easy. Here are some tips to help you rack up a pile of golden tokens in no time!


Tip #1: Enter for Your Daily PCH Sweepstakes

Let’s be real, you’re here to win. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about, so why not go for cash and life-changing million-dollar prizes while you bank some serious tokens. Two birds, one stone – it’s just smart!


Tip #2: Get in Some Playtime with FREE PCH Games

Cut loose and have some well-deserved “me-time” with our fun token games! Have you tried our exclusive games like Token Toss or Delivery Dash? Or perhaps you enjoy a good Mahjongg or Solitaire round before lunch? You can get it all in our “Token Games” tab . It’s FREE to play and you’re guaranteed to score tokens with every game!


Tip #3: Watch Real PCH Winning Moments and MORE

See it for yourself – we’ve had so many winners over the years and our cameras were there to capture it all! Go to our “Winners” tab and watch our PCH winning moment videos, special Inside PCH Facebook episodes, or anything at all to rack up your token scores!


Tip #4: Get on the PCH Token Leader Board

Carpe Diem. Take your token game to the next level by staying active throughout the day. Remember, you’re in it to win it, so don’t stop at one game or entry — keep going to unlock more chances to win a PCH prize and even bigger token rewards. Remember: Our top token earner for the day wins a cash prize, too! *cha ching*

Recap: the more active you are on, the more tokens you bank, and the more you have to redeem for special prize opportunities at the Token Exchange.  So, why not go to  now and start racking up your tokens – you could see your name on our PCH winners list next!

Good luck and have fun!

Nicole T.
Online Creative


P.S.  Don’t forget about our upcoming “Turn Back Time” Prize Event where you could win $2.6 Million dollars (that’s 10 years worth of $5,000 weekly payments upfront), PLUS $5,000.00 every week thereafter for LIFE! Go to  and enter now!


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