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Meet Our Newest PCH Winner of a Ford Explorer!

Who won the PCH car contest? The Prize Patrol will tell you!

You saw it in our sites, you heard about it on insidePCH…Publishers Clearing House is giving away a Ford Explorer Platinum valued at $54,180.00 (Gwy #9910)!  Well, after much anticipation, the big award day came on Monday, just in time for the holidays! The Prize Patrol headed to Jackson, Ohio to surprise Patricia Keigans with the amazing vehicle.

Now something you may not know about the Prize Patrol is that before we even get on the road to award a prize, we try to find out as much about our winner as possible. Why? Because it’s a COMPLETE surprise when we show up and we do NOT tell our winners we are coming. We use the handy Internet (even PCHSearch&Win) and get information about user activity. When we found out that Patricia was a PCH VIP Elite member (one of our most loyal Sweepstakes participants!), we were SO excited knowing she would love seeing the Prize Patrol at her door. Patricia’s winning moment did NOT disappoint!

When we showed up she was outside on her lawn with her grandchildren and she immediately knew who we were, and even the prize were awarding that day.  Patricia was over-the-moon excited that all her PCH loyalty paid off. She told us about how she enters every day and it’s even a family event – her grandkids play PCHgames with her! And speaking of a family event, the Prize Patrol got to hang out with her animal family also — 2 ducks, a dog and brand new baby kitten (you know I was in heaven with that part, right!)

Patricia is the perfect example of a PCH fan that refused to give up!  She follows us on social media, watches #insidePCH every week, enters from every platform whenever she can, and racks up those tokens! In fact, Patricia used 55 MILLION tokens to enter for a chance to win the Ford Explorer Platinum…and she WON!  Not only did she win the car, since she was a VIP Elite she had the eligibility to enter to win $10,000 A Year For Life and she won that too.


Patricia said she plans to use her winnings toward paying off bills. Her advice to other #PCHfans? “No matter what, don’t ever give up playing it, your tokens are going to add up and just hang in there. Just stick with it because if you give up, you don’t have a chance anyways!”

So take Patricia’s advice and get entering for a chance to have the Prize Patrol show up at YOUR door with a “big check.” If we did show up at your house, what family members (human or animal) would you want us to meet?  Let me know in the comments below!

Danielle Lam
PCH Prize Patrol Elite



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