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Who Is PCH’s Newest Millionaire? Follow These Clues!

Greetings, fans and friends!

As a PCH Blog writer, this is one of my favorite days! Why? Because I get the super-cool opportunity to give you blog readers the answer to that burning question, “Who won the PCH SuperPrize?”

That’s right … the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol is on the road at this very moment, only hours away from surprising our next PCH SuperPrize winner. Everyone at PCH Headquarters is looking forward to the big reveal, but probably not as much as all of you! That’s why we’ll be posting clues and updates from the road all morning long, so you can follow along as the Prize Patrol delivers that life-changing $1,000,000.00 Big Check!

Are you ready? Are you set? Here we go!!!

12:00 AM – The winner’s state is not the same state as the last SuperPrize winner

9:00 AM – The winner’s state begins with a consonant

10:00 AM – The winner’s state is surrounded by 1 or more bodies of water

11:00 AM – The winner’s state is divided into 2 land masses

CONGRATULATIONS to Betty Patchett of Constantine, MI who won $1 MILLION PLUS $10,000 A YEAR FOR LIFE! The Prize Patrol had so much fun looking for her! Betty was in utter disbelief and shock when the Prize Patrol came to her work! She plans to use her winnings to help pay taxes as well as donate! Congrats Betty!

Remember, there will be new clues posted all morning long, so be sure to keep checking back. In just a few hours we’ll answer the question “Who Is PCH’s Newest Millionaire?”

And maybe, just maybe, that PCH winner will be YOU!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

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