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A PCH Holiday Poem

Twas the night before deadline and all through the house
Fingers were feverishly clicking a mouse
Pajamas were hung in the closet with care
In hope that the Prize Patrol soon would be there

PCH fans and friends nestled snug in the beds
With Dave singing “miracles can happen” in their heads
And Todd in his blazer displayed a wide grin
And prepared for a season full of big wins

When out on the lawn arose such a clamor
It was Danielle in all of her glamour
Off to the front door I flew like a flash
To see if she was bringing me a whole lot of cash

The sun shone high over the green of the lawn
Was it true? Had my winning number been drawn?
When to my wondering eyes what did appear
But a Prize Patrol van in my driveway so near

Excited as I was, I had to behave
I knew in a moment it must be St. Dave
On, the contests they came
And he yelled, told us to enter, and called them by name:

Now SuperPrize, now vacation, now cash for a kitchen
Maybe Treasure Trove or Money Booth could make you a rich‘un
Enter all the sweeps, play all the bonus games
You could see a Big Check featuring your name

And that’s not all he said, to begin
There are games of scratch-off and instant-win
There’s lotto, and keno, and blackjack to play
And every game for free, you never have to pay

There are token games galore, and slots to be spun
Just think of all the cash that could be won
Then watch some videos on PCHtv
And a special section for the PCH VIP

You can Search & Win, gets the news at Frontpage
See clips of PCH winners, of young and old age
Are you partial to mobile or a tablet, perhaps
There’s even a whole family of PCH apps

There are PCH blogs to read and FAQs to consider
There’s Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Twitter
We won’t contact you online so don’t be bitter
And be sure to report a scammer or counterfeiter

Then Todd piped up and said “Don’t you see,
Every PCH contest and game is free
There’s no fee to enter, no fee to win
I’m as positive now as I’ve ever been.

We want you to have fun, and even to win
So give it a whirl, take a free spin
Head to the card games and play a few hands
Go on, take a break from your daily demands.”

Alas, as I sighed deeply and said
The very next thought that came into my head
Of course there would be no big cash win for me
I’m a Publishers Clearing House employee!

Russell S.
PCH Creative

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