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Top 10 Games at Play Them Today & You Could Win!

Have you been playing the Top 10 Games at We hope you have been; these games are so fun, so popular, and best of all, you could win prizes by playing each and every one of them. Read on to find out more about the most popular games at! Then, play them on desktop, mobile, tablet… wherever, whenever!

  1. Mahjongg Minute

Do you like memory games? Then this game of Mahjongg-Minute is just for you. PCH’s Number 1 game is fast paced; this tile-matching game puts you in a race against the clock to see how many matches you could find in only a minute!

  1. Tri-Peaks Solitaire

You know and love the traditional game of Solitaire. Now, play Tri-Peaks Solitaire through a mountain of cards! Move all the cards while maximizing your score AND scoring tokens along the way!

  1. Tri-Peaks Rush

When you play Tri-Peaks Rush, the only thing that stands between you and success is a stack of cards. Your goal is to get through the mountain of cards in under a minute. If you can’t get to the top of the mountain on the first pass, no worries! Keep trying and you’ll score tokens as you go!

  1. Mahjongg Toy Chest

Play Mahjongg Toy Chest and race against the clock in the fast-paced game! Match as many animated toy tiles as you can: dolls, trains, soccer balls, and more! Just sign in to track your scores, bank tokens, and enter to win prizes!

  1. Mahjongg Dimensions

Love Mahjongg? Well, you’d love to play our 3D version of Mahjongg: Mahjongg Dimensions! And this game is perfect for all skill levels, from beginners who just want to try it to advanced pros! Why not try Mahjongg Dimensions today?

  1. Klondike Solitaire

Play Klondike Solitaire from anywhere for free! This amazing card game is perfect for you to play while on the go; riding the train, waiting in line, picking up coffee… Klondike Solitaire is ready for you to play at any time of day or night!

  1. PCH Pyramid Solitaire

Ever seen a deck of cards laid out in the shape of a pyramid? You will at PCH Pyramid Solitaire! Solve the puzzle, match the cards in front of you, score tokens, enter to win prizes… it’s all at!

  1. Mahjongg Mom Jongg

Play “The Mother of Matchmaking Games”! Mahjongg gets a pretty-in-pink new look; mom approved! Just remove any two free matching tiles until each board is clear, then keep going to keep racking up those tokens! Mom would be proud! Play Mahjongg Mom Jongg today!

  1. PCH Klondike Solitaire Classic

Cool down with Klondike Solitaire Classic! Experience this chill and fun way to play solitaire; the classic game you know and love with a cool twist! Plus, score tokens and get entries to win as you play!

  1. Mahjongg Dark Dimensions

Ever played Mahjongg in the dark? Well now, you can when you play Mahjongg Dark Dimensions! You can play on any internet-connected device, and completely for free! Rotate your cube to reveal more pieces and make quicker matches, all while scoring tokens and entering to win prizes!

You heard it here: the Top 10 Games at are fun, popular, and rewarding! Start playing today; you’ll score tokens, have a fun time… and you could even win money!

Nicole M.
PCH Creative

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