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Did You Receive A PCH Notice With An Activation Code Inside?

Just a heads up to all of you blog readers out there! Be on the lookout for a special notice in your mailbox pictured above. It could mean a chance to win some fast cash if you find one!

Be sure to open it up! Inside you’ll find a Gold Prize Ticket that looks like this:

Wow! With a timely entry, you could win $5,000.00 immediately or $25,000.00 on a future award date!  But you must go online to the address you’ll see listed: to enter for a chance to win!

STEP 1: Just type the URL found on the enclosed Gold Prize Ticket – – into your web browser (or simply click on the link right here in the blog).  This will bring you onto the landing page, where you will see this Activation Code Input Form:

STEP 2:  Now all you need to do is type in the 5-digit code found on the bottom right corner of your Gold Prize Ticket (your code will not be “00000” as shown above). Enter it where you see “Enter Code Here”. Next, click the button that says “Submit Code”.

Once you complete STEP 2, you’ll arrive at a new page that asks a few registration questions. Answer them and click “CONTINUE”. That’s all you need to do to get entered to win. Who knows?  You could become the one “Prize Ticket” holder who wins $5,000.00 fast cash! All other timely responses will gain entry to win $25,000.00.

The only catch is that you’ve got to open your notice and ACT FAST to go for this Limited Time opportunity! Be sure to use your Activation Code and enter – we’ll definitely make someone who has a “Prize Ticket” a BIG CASH WINNER!

Do it today! Best of luck!

Jane M.
PCH Creative

P.S. One last note about your 5-Digit Activation Code — this code is to be entered ONLY onto the Activation Input Form you’ll find online at We request that you do NOT enter your 5-digit Activation Code into the comments section below. This is your code to keep and use, and is not intended to be shared with others!

P.P.S. If you didn’t get a Gold Ticket Prize notice in the mail but still want to win, we’ve got you covered with so many other prizes you can go for every day on our exciting PCH properties online. For starters, you can head over to and enter to win our incredible SuperPrize! Be sure to check out Monday’s blog for a monthly calendar of new sweepstakes to enter to get the New Year off to a great start!




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