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A Permanent Reminder of a Thrilling PCH “Winning Moment”

I recently saw my colleague Todd Sloane on our live Facebook Show “Inside PCH” (be sure to tune in Mondays at 2 PM, ET) talking about the early days of the PCH Prize Patrol.  It brought back winning moment memories of long-ago surprise visits to the homes of sweepstakes winners.  One memory in particular could be described as the “most lasting” because a permanent reminder was left in the winner’s living room.  Let me explain.

A prize drawing at PCH headquarters identified Bill Perkins of Ohio as the winner of a Million Dollar SuperPrize.  We were all set to go to Ohio, but found out at the last minute that he had retired to a new address in Florida.  So the Prize Patrol changed plans (gratefully since it was cold in Ohio) and flew to the balmy Sunshine State, where we knocked the socks off Bill and his wife Jo Ann — with roses, balloons and The Big Check!  Following the thrilling “winning moment” we had a wonderful celebration and toasted the happy couple with a bottle of Prize Patrol Champagne.

We stayed in touch with the Perkins, and years later Bill told us something we had not observed that memorable day.  When Bill popped the cork on the champagne it exploded skyward and left a big dent in the ceiling. “It was such a happy occasion,” said Bill, “we never wanted to repair the damage.”

That’s just one example of the wonderful experiences that can occur when a regular person — like you — wins a prize worth thousands, even millions of dollars in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!  I urge you to enter at once – and every day for more chances to win.  Maybe we’ll show up at your house and leave a memorable dent in your ceiling – like Bill’s.

Wishing you the best of luck.

Dave Sayer                                                                                                                                   PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador

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