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Who Would You Leave A Legacy For If You Won The “Forever” Prize

Leave A Legacy with the “Forever” Prize!


I’m sure you know the end of Gwy. No. 8800 is near and we are definitely going to award the $5,000.00 A Week “Forever” prize on February 23rd! We here at PCH are just buzzing as we wait to find out who our next big winner is, and I can bet you’re excited to see if that winner is YOU!

Now, unlike your typical PCH SuperPrize®, the “Forever” prize isn’t just for you. Win it and not only will you get $5,000.00 a week for life, but after that, someone of your choosing will continue to receive that prize for their life!

In my last post, I discussed the reactions of our past “Forever” Prize Winners! Now, however, let’s talk about what you would do if YOU are our winner on February 23rd!

 Legacy, What Is a Legacy?

The “Forever” prize will not only make you a winner, but allow you to leave the legacy of a lifetime to someone you love.

Who would YOU choose to receive that legacy?

I bet a lot of people’s first guess is their child. We’ve had “Forever” prize winners designate their child as the recipient of their legacy before: Tamar Howard, for example, did that just a few years back.

Ora Gayton had a slight twist on that: her “Forever” prize is going to be passed on to her grandson. That way, he’ll have nearly a full lifetime of the weekly payments coming in—and it’ll enable him to take of his mother, Ora’s daughter Charlene, the whole time.

But what do you do if you have more than one child? I’d start getting them to compete for your favor now—only kidding!

While you can only pass the legacy down to one person, the beauty of that “Forever” prize is that you have the rest of your lifetime to provide for all of your family, and that can include setting up trusts to benefit each and every child in your possession. So I would not fret too much about that choice…and just add on behalf of firstborn children everywhere, you’ve known us the longest.

If you’re like me, you may have the opposite situation—you don’t have any children. That’s the case with Ryan Hart, who is our youngest “Forever” prize winner, only 21 when he won! That’s younger than I am even when I lie about my age.

I personally would leave my legacy to one of my younger cousins, someone who would be able to benefit from it for many years to come. But as I cannot win, that decision does me no good. But if there are no kids in the picture, nieces, nephews, cousins, friends’ kids—those are all perfectly good options!

So, friends and fans, if the Prize Patrol came knocking on your door right now, and asked, who would you choose to leave your legacy?


Will F.
PCH Creative

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