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Just In! January Winners from PCHPlay&Win!

Friends and Fans,

The end of January is upon us, and that means we’re already one month into the New Year. It’s time to check in on those resolutions—have you been exercising more? (I have not.) Eating healthier? (I definitely have not.) Not spending all of your money on Hamilton tickets? (So far, I’ve been good.) Here at PCH, we’re constantly resolving to make more of our fans become winners.

While we’re waiting until February 23rd to award the life-changing “Forever” Prize , I can proudly announce that we’ve awarded a ton of winners this January! Everyone knows that we award millions in prizes from big SuperPrizes, but did you know that we have winners every single day?

One GREAT way to get in on the winning is by taking advantage of all the games, scratch cards, and other online prize opportunities PCH has every day! There are so many ways you can play games and win cash at PCH! We had some exciting wins this month—here are some of them:

“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves,” the Roman Senator Cassius says in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. I’ve always loved this quote, and it’s not just because, to my knowledge, I’m the youngest actor to have ever played Cassius. It reminds me to seize the day and go for what I want—I hope it reminds you to go for every prize you can at PCH!

With our PCHPlay&Win sites, you could win prizes every day! From the daily tournament at PCHgames to instant win prizes at PCHlotto and everything in between, PCH is the premiere destination for winning on the web.

Were you one of our winners this month? Let us know!

If not, share your “winning strategy”—what you do to help make winning a reality!

Happy Playing! Maybe I’ll be seeing your name up here next month.

Will F.
PCH Creative

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