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It’s Tournament Time At PCH — CASH PRIZES Are On The Line!

Yeehaw — the game is on, friends!

It’s time to fire up the matchmaking fun at PCHgames! Why, you ask? Because today’s cash prize tournament game at is Mahjongg Wild West!

Have you gotten the chance to play Mahjongg Wild West?  It’s one of our newest games: an Old Western twist on the classic matching game. You could even say that it’s the hootenanny of games!

I’m sure we have some veteran tournament players among our readers who already know what’s at stake today. But in case you don’t already know…

You Can Go For All Of This RIGHT NOW!

CASH PRIZES: That’s right, today playing Mahjongg Wild West means you’re partaking in a cash prize tournament! The top scorer and a top Token earner will WIN CASH!

DOUBLE TOKENS: Every time you play the daily tournament game, you get to bank double Tokens! We know a lot of our most dedicated PCH fans are Token enthusiasts, and since Tokens can be exchanged for entries into great prizes, who can blame them!

$1 MILLION: While this isn’t Tournament exclusive, I always like to remind our gamers that when you play your first game of the day, including the tournament game, you get in the running to become a millionaire!

But there’s even more at stake…

There Are TWO OTHER Cash Prize Tournaments Today!


While Mahjongg Wild West is the desktop tournament, did you know we have different tournaments, complete with different prizes that you could win, on your mobile phone and tablet?

On your mobile device, get ready for a blast of fun with Color Blast! Your mission is to prove that you’re a memory master with this PCH twist on classic memory games.

Then on tablet, it’s a race to the top in Pyramid Solitaire Supreme! Make sure the cards are even and remove all available pairs that add up to lucky 13 as you make your way to the top!

Why Choose? Play Them ALL!

It’s so important that you take advantage of every winning opportunity you get. For example, every day, I enter to win Hamilton tickets, but there are other theater ticket lotteries — that’s how I won my tickets to Dear Evan Hansen, after all! So I enter them all!

That’s why you should play in ALL THREE cash prize tournaments! You can bank double Tokens from all three games and you could even be the tournament winner for each! You just need to play on all of your devices!

Happy gaming, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Will F.
PCH Creative


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