Play Pyramid Solitaire Supreme Today!

Are you looking for a new game to play? We have just the one for you! Head to PCHgames and play Pyramid Solitaire Supreme!

Have you ever engaged in games of solitaire that are super fun, but now you’re looking for something with a bit more jazz? Pyramid Solitaire Supreme is just what you’re looking for… and this isn’t your grandfather’s game of solitaire, that’s for sure!

Get ready for a super cool version of the classic solo card game you know and love, Solitaire! And WHOA, is it FUN! You will be introduced to a brand-new experience: you’ll stack the cards in your favor by removing all the available pairs that add up to lucky 13!! So, unlike traditional Solitaire that you’ve played your whole life, Pyramid Solitaire Supreme at PCHgames adds the challenge of solitaire with a pyramid-style flair! And we know you’re up for the challenge, so what are you waiting for?!

You know what else is really cool about Pyramid Solitaire Supreme? Yes, everything! But, also, you’ll be timed as you play, so it’s a race against the clock to keep adding up to the lucky number 13! Yes… this is one cool, challenging, and fun time we have waiting for you! If you’re up for a fun challenge and a cool spin on a game you know and love, this is just the one for you!

You know the Drake lyric, “started from the bottom, now we’re here”, right?! That’s kind of like what playing Pyramid Solitaire Supreme is like! You start at the bottom of the Pyramid, then scale the pyramid up and up by removing all “available” pairs of cards that add up to 13… and to WIN, all you have to do is dismantle the pyramid and match all the cards that add up to 13! WOOHOO!

Log in to PCHgames and start having fun today! You’ll be happy you did!


Nicole M.
PCH Creative

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  1. Your PYRAMID SOLITARE IS BROKEN ON MOBILE. The object of the game is to DISMANTLE the pyramid, so imagine my disappointment when I finally won the game on the first try of the set yet scored lower than my losing hands! I finally won again & carefully watched as my score started to count UP while my time left counted DOWN. BUT it suddenly stopped as GAME OVER showed & it flipped to the token screen. Maybe it’s just a problem on my mobile, because the top scores were impossible if they played my broken game!

  2. I ❤️ LOVE ❤️ playing PCH games!!! The pyramid solitaire supreme games is really challenging and fun to play!!!???

  3. She waited patiently knowing she was ready for something better! She found PCH.
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    Then in March, 2018 it all came true and she was pictured in the winners circle blog. Please contact me as she is patiently awaiting to express her attitude of gratitude. ???????????????????

  4. I love playing @ pch
    Hope I’m a lucky winner 1 day im never giving
    And I’m keeping the faith?????