Why We Call It the “Set For Life” Prize

Can you believe it? Over the past few weeks, PCH has awarded both the $5,000.00 A Week “Forever” Prize and the $4,978,632.00 PowerPrize Jackpot from PCHlotto! But here at PCH, the prizes never stop, which is why we’re so excited about our “Set For Life” Prize!

Why do we call it the “Set For Life” Prize, though? Simply put, because if someone wins it on April 27th, they’ll be “Set For Life” — you see, the winner would receive $7,000.00 A Week For Life! Week after week, no matter what, you would receive this amazing sum of money for the rest of your life.

Who wouldn’t want to supplement their income by an additional $7,000.00 a week for life? While that would obviously be pretty amazing, let’s take a closer look at what that number really means…

 How Much Is $7,000 A Week For Life?

Did you know that if you were earning $7,000.00 A Week For Life, you’d be making $364,000.00 a year…which would put you in the top 2% of all US household incomes (according to the Wall Street Journal)!

With some quick math, we can figure out that $7,000.00 a week is equal to working a fulltime, forty hour a week for $175.00 an hour! So, with your new career of being “Set For Life,” it would take one of hour of “work” to save up for a week’s groceries or some pretty cool gadgets, like a new set of wireless headphones or a new E-reader!

Since the money keeps coming in week after week though, let’s take a look at what your new monthly income could be: $30,333.33 (on average)! That’s enough money to wipe out a ton of debt, buy a new car, or take a trip across the seas! And that’s just one twelfth of your annual winnings!

Now, for the big spenders out there, let’s see what you could do with just one year’s income…again, that’d be $364,000.00! With that much money, you could outright buy the average US home. No down payment, no mortgage…it’d be yours! You could even see Hamilton!

But what happens at the five year ($1,820,000.00), ten year ($3,640,000.00), or twenty year ($7,280,000.00) mark? You’ve won millions of dollars, what are you doing with it? You’re taking care of loved ones, starting businesses, buying a third or forth vacation home, investing it — you have the financial freedom that most of us never have, and even better, you have the time to do whatever you want with it! You would truly be “Set For Life!”

With the next special early look for a winner just weeks away, it’s important that you claim every entry you can! Start by searching daily at PCHsearch&win and PCHfrontpage, download the PCH App, visit PCH  every single day! As we’ve seen, there’s too much on the line to pass all of this up!


Will F.
PCH Creative

P.S. Let us know in the comments below how you’d spend your winnings if became “Set For Life!” What’s your first purchase? What are some things you want?


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  1. I would purchase a car, house on the hills, boat, motorcycle and so on. Yes I want to be set for life. Go Pch Prize patrol Rocks. Publishers Clearing House rocks God Bless them for so many Blessings through out the years they given away in cash and prizes.

  2. My father needs a Headstone and my brother needs new teeth and I need to fix the damage Harvey left me,

  3. the very first thing is buy is my kids and I a house! then put it in the bank and start trust funds for my kids to go to college and make something for themselves!

  4. I would start my life over!! It would certainly be a life saving moment!! I’d take my mom who has cancer to Hawaii because it’s always been her dream. I’d put a trust together for my grandsons college. I’d start an animal safe house to foster animals with no homes and continue my wildlife rescue but in a much larger scale. Oh gosh I’m so full of “what I’d do’s” I could type all night!! I guess the first thing I’d do is invite all of my friends and family over for a huge “I told you it’s not fake or a waste of time” party!!! Hahahahaha. I guess to sum it all up I’D JUST ENJOY LIFE! Plain pure and simple, no more staying up nights worrying, struggling. Continue on without all the stress, and help my kids out in life a bit more. Basically LOVE LIFE AGAIN!!!!!! Come on over, knock on my door and find out what real excitement and happiness looks like!! Oh my gosh it just would be amazingly awesome!!! Oh yeah I’d get a big shadow box frame for the balloon bouquet and pictures of which there would be many!! Hahaha. And buy the prize patrol dinner!!

  5. If id ever win this it would be awesome considering of my family being large with 6 kids and a granddaughter and all we could fully restart our life outside of living in a 4 bedroom apartment for the last 10 yrs and we could get new a car and maybe try one of those vacation things we hear so much about.

  6. I would buy a new home and start a new fantastic life. If I could win, I would reach out and help poor people out there in the streets homelessness.