Post Your Favorite Part About PCH RIGHT HERE!

There are so many amazing parts of PCH, as you know! And we know you probably have a favorite! Yes, with all the great parts that you know and love, we’re so happy that you enjoy so many of our amazing websites, apps, and more!

Now, we want to know, what is your favorite part of Publishers Clearing House? And it could be anything! Yes, just tell us! We’re really curious to hear what you enjoy most, so please tell us in the comments section below!

So now, just finish this sentence:

My favorite part of PCH is…

  • …all the ways that I could win!
  • …the Prize Patrol; they’re so kind and helpful!
  • …all the fun games I get to play!
  • …the piles and piles of tokens I score!
  • …the fact that they award amazing life-changing prizes!
  • …the fact that they award SO MANY PRIZES to SO MANY PEOPLE!
  • …I love all the ways I get to search, like at PCHFrontpage and PCHSearch&Win!
  • …I love all the PCH apps I can download!
  • …I love the Facebook page, Twitter page, Instagram page, and Youtube page!
  • …I love the PCHblog!
  • …I love… well, I just love it ALL!

And the list goes on! We’re sure you love plenty of other things about Publishers Clearing House, so tell us what they are in the comments section below!

Plus… I was curious, so I even asked a few PCHers to name a few of their favorite parts about Publishers Clearing House and here is what they said! You’ll get the scoop on what the “insiders” are saying about what their favorite parts are about working here 5 days a week!

So, my coworkers finished this sentence:

“My favorite part of PCH is…”

“…the friends I have made here. I sit with my “lunch ladies” every day and we have a lot of good conversations. Some of my friends have been at PCH decades, so there are a lot of stories at our table! – Debbie K.

 “…our new state of the art building. From the design, to the cafeteria, to the gym and it’s other world-class amenities, it’s an absolute pleasure to come to work 5 days a week.” – Matt S.

 “…the winning moments — witnessing our well-deserved fans see their lives change in front of them is incredible, and knowing that I was in some way a part of it is extremely gratifying.” – Will F.

 “…the welcoming environment among coworkers and superiors alike. Everybody is easy to communicate with and willing to help bring new ideas to life, so the synergy in the office is what I enjoy the most.” – Keith G.

 Now, tell us! We’d love to hear what your favorite parts of Publishers Clearing House are right here, right now! So please, tell us now in the comments section below!

Nicole M.
PCH Creative

P.S. Want to know what my favorite part of PCH is? The amazing fans, like you!

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  1. Its similar to an amusement park in many different ways. The variety of games, is like the ring toss. Always leaving me on the edge of my seat in suspense! Powerful vocabulary on the emails that can leave me guessing for days, needless to say im not gonna stop until you guys come see me. So when u do danielle i would love to take you out afterwards. Dinner and then some drag races? Come on what wil you say… God speed pch. See ya soon

  2. Pch has a place to go when somebody changes the frontpage that was awesome to the junk frontpage it is now. Thank God there are games, quizes, sweepstakes, lotto, and lots of interesting places. Thank you PCH. Please put back the front page when it was user friendly :).
    Thank You
    Carol Stewart

  3. BuyersBEWARE, Second time pch pulled items from my cart, billed & sent them to me without my EVER SUBMITTING AN ORDER, illegal as hell. They are very unethical!, Gail D