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Find Today’s Weather with the PCHFrontpage App!

Download the PCHFrontpage App for Android or the PCHFrontpage App for iPhone and you will always be in the know on the daily weather update! That’s right – you’ll find today’s weather for FREE right on the PCHFrontpage app! It’s quick and easy – download now and have your weather questions answered right away!

Speaking of weather, I wish I knew what tonight’s forecast is! I’m currently riding the train back from a workday at PCH, looking out the window, and noticing a greyish sky! I wonder what’s ahead for my evening. Will it rain tonight? Will it snow? Will the sun come out right in time for the sunset? Will I need a jacket later? Could I toss on sandals? Could I go for a run around the neighborhood? I’m not sure! But I know there is a fun and easy way to find out the answer: the PCHFrontpage app!

Downloading the PCHFrontpage app will help answer any question you might have about the daily weather! We’ve all been there – sometimes you wake up in the morning and are rushing to get ready for the day; teeth brushing, sock finding, shoe tying – then it’s like, wait, I don’t even have a second to look out the window and see what the sky looks like! When you’re rushing around and need to know if you need an umbrella, snow boots, or sunglasses during the day, just download this amazing app!

Click to open the app right on your cell phone or tablet, then scroll over right to the “Weather” tab at the bottom of the screen… that’s where you can see the weather right in your city! There, you’ll see the high temperature of the day, and the low temperature of the day! You’ll also be able to check the humidity, pressure, wind, visibility, and UV Index of the day! Keep scrolling down on the weather page on the app and you’ll find out all about the daily and hourly forecast! Plus, at the very bottom of the page, you’ll see the Sunrise/Sunset and the Moonrise/Moonset of the day!

Best yet, at the PCHFrontpage app, you’ll get rewarded tokens for checking the weather. You read that right – what other app rewards YOU tokens simply by helping yourself and finding out more information for your day-to-day activities? We encourage you to download now if you like the idea of being rewarded for checking the weather!

Don’t waste another beat – pick up your phone, download the PCHFrontpage app from the Android or Apple store, then check if the day calls for an umbrella, jacket, rain boots… whatever! Every answer you need to a weather-related question could be found right on the PCHFrontpage app! And best yet… it’s FREE!!!! And don’t forget to search while you’re there to get in to win prizes!

Nicole M.
PCH Creative

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