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What’s In The PCH Prize Patrol Winner’s Folder?

You’ve all seen the videos of our exciting winning moments and know that the Prize Patrol arrives at the lucky winner’s door with balloons, a bouquet of roses, the BIG check and the cameras rolling. But did you know that they also bring a Prize Patrol Winner’s Folder filled with all the essential forms and accessories they’ll need for the winning moment?

Some of these forms are important legal documents that need to be signed … maybe not the most exciting thing about winning big, but without them we can’t get those prize payments rolling out to the winner to make their dreams come true. Okay, here’s the big reveal on what’s inside the folder — in no particular order of importance!

        1. Prize Patrol Winner’s Folder, Prize Patrol Affidavit of Eligibility: At the time of award, we ask the winner to sign this document to attest to the fact that they are 18 years of age or older, and to give us permission to use their likeness for promotional purposes in the future.
        2. Prize Witness Consent Form (5 copies): We also ask anyone present at the time of award (friends, relatives, neighbors) who are 18 years of age or older to please sign these consent forms so that we can also use their likeness for promotional purposes.
        3. Question and Answers Paperwork (5 copies): This is actually a fact-filled sheet with information about Publishers Clearing House — who we are and what we do — that we share with our winner and also with the media for any local coverage.
        4. Winner Questionnaire: We ask that the winner answer a few questions about their winning moment. We can’t wait to find out the answers to questions like: “What did you think when you first saw that you won a prize from Publishers Clearing House?” … “Did you ever have a feeling that you would win?” … and “What has winning allowed you to do that you would not have done before?
        5. Champagne Label: We keep these labels ready to use on that special bottle of victory bubbly for a celebratory toast with the winner. It truly makes the moment even more special!
        6. 8 Balloons: It wouldn’t be a real celebration without these. Of course, these have the PCH logo on them!

      7. 5 Prize Patrol Pens:
      YES, the winner gets 5 Prize Patrol Pens! We know that every Publishers Clearing House fan would love to have these, so we make sure to bring some along.There you have it. This is what you’ll find inside the Prize Patrol Winner’s Folder.

The Prize Patrol wouldn’t think of leaving PCH headquarters without it on prize award day! And they’ll be bringing it along on April 27th when we take a special early look to award our next big winner in our $7,000.00 A Week For Life Prize Event. Be sure to enter every day and in every way you can before the deadline, and who knows, maybe you’ll be the star in our next winning moment!

Jane M.
PCH Creative



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  1. Well I’m looking forward to seeing that envelope, balloons, Danielle, Dave, the van, the whole ball of wax for the PCH SuperPrize millions! Mr. Elvis P$$$$$$$$, thank you so much, thank you so much!

  2. Claiming now 10 entries to win this April 30th, 2023, the prize of a life time of $15,000,000.00 from giveaway 21000. I claim all bonus entries for super prize win, and claim all entries for SuperPrize from all PCH apps, search and win searches, PCHFrontpage entries, lotto entries, email entries, bulletins, promotions, enchantments, upgrades, scratch tickets, Wordmania entries, PCH+ app entries, PCH app, PCH slots, all scratch card entries, and claim big day big check Prize Patrol. CS.

  3. I wanna know if it’s commonplace to put your Social Security number on a affidavit of eligibility for winning a $1000 prize from Publishers Clearing House that I received in the mail yesterday. Do you always require a Social Security number to be put on the on the affidavit of eligibility?

    1. Hi David! We’d be happy to look into this for you but we’re going to need a little more information. We kindly ask that you contact us at your convenience. Our Customer Service representatives may be reached at You may also reach out by using our Digital Assistant that can be found at the link we provided. We look forward to hearing from you!

    2. I was messaged a few times in February on Twitter and Instagram, and it was supposed to be Daniel Lam and Dave Sayer saying I had won. But don’t worry, when they said I had to pay a small insurance fee I knew it was fraud. Please tell me it was. Lol I gave them a piece of my mind. I think there should be internet cops. I am still IN IT TO WIN IT…

      1. Hi John, we’re happy to see you know how to recognize a scammer! Please report all contacts from scammers to PCH via this link: PCH does partner with the Federal Trade Commission and we send all scam reports to them so please make sure you let us know anytime a scammer contacts you. Remember, the real PCH never notifies major prize winners via phone, standard mail, email, or social media, and we never ask winners to pay to claim their prize. You can see more Safety Tips here: Stay safe!

  4. Hello. my name is Gina. 2 days ago I got a text messagefrom Jericho New York. PCH sweepstakes winner, please call $$$ $$$-$$$$ and leave your email. I won 17 million dollars. But you go to CVS and buy a $500 American Express gift card. Then we will deliver to you your money and a car. What you think? I did not do anything. Please reply. Thanks.

    1. Hi Gina! That’s not the real PCH calling you, it’s a scammer that’s only pretending to be from PCH. Please do not call that number, do not give the scammer any personal info including bank account information, and definitely do not send them any money if they ask. Make sure to report that scam contact to us via the following link: I encourage you to read these Safety Tips too: Please be careful everyone; don’t become a scammer’s victim!

  5. I suppose to have won it back in 2019 at the end of the year or at the 1st of 2020 not real sure it was Danielle I was dealing with I paid the taxes on it and never received it I don’t know if this was true she kept saying they she was coming with it and a new truck I don’t know how much is true check your records.

    1. Hi Walter! I’m sorry to tell you that was a scammer, NOT the real Danielle from the Prize Patrol. The real PCH doesn’t notify our major prize winners via phone, standard mail, email, or social media, and we never ask for money for any reason to claim a prize. Please report any details you have about that scam contact to us at this link: I also encourage you to check out these Safety Tips for some great info on what to watch for: Stay safe everyone!!