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Have You Played Mahjongg Enchanted Forest?

Hear ye, hear ye, friends and fans!

Once upon a time, at PCHgames, there was a brand new game called Mahjongg Enchanted Forest. You see, the game designers at PCH were always looking to provide our gamers with exciting new ways to go for cash and bank Tokens!

No sooner than the game was released, it became clear that it was the perfect game for PCH’s fantasy loving fans, whether that fantasy be of mighty dragons and devious witches or of winning great riches…

If this were my favorite fairy tale, “Sleeping Beauty,” this would be the part where an evil fairy would show up and cast a terrible curse, but I think of PCH as a different kind of fairy tale, more like a “Cinderella” story, with PCH as fairy godmother who could make your dreams come true. And what better way to turn fantasy into reality than by playing Mahjongg Enchanted Forest?

You see, when you play at PCHgames, there are a lot of great rewards you can score! For example, every single game you play, you can bank tons of Tokens. And when you play the daily tournament, you not only get DOUBLE Tokens, but you can win CASH prizes by being the day’s top scorer or one of the top Token earners! On top of that, if you play enough throughout the day, you can go for instant cash prizes!

And of course, with your first game play of the day, you’ll get in the running to win $1,000,000.00!

But why should you play Mahjongg Enchanted Forest?

Into the Forest It’s Time to Go…

Now I happen to be a diehard fantasy fan. I reread Harry Potter annually (and am a proud member of Slytherin House), host Lord of the Rings marathons, and read A Game of Thrones in middle school, long before it made it to television (and to this day, I question the judgment of the librarian that let that happen). So playing our fantasy-infused mahjongg to me is a natural choice.

I like to view everything I do as part of an adventure, a quest, and what better way to get in the adventuring mood than with an adventurous theme! Match dragon tiles, fairies, and witches on your hunt for real-life riches! That’s the fantastic charm of Mahjongg Enchanted Forest!

And think how fanciful it would be if, on your quest, you were to become the master of great riches! If you win one of the daily prizes or instant-win cash, or should you become a millionaire from playing—you mustn’t pass up on this call to adventure! “We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life rounded with a sleep,” Propsero says in my favorite of Shakespeare’s plays, The Tempest. There’s too much at stake not take every quest that comes your way.

May fortune guide your adventure!

Will F.
PCH Creative

PS: What fantasy books, movies and shows do you relate to? What’s your favorite mahjongg game at PCHgames? Let us know in the comments below!



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