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Are You A PCH VIP or VIP Elite Yet?

Fans of the PCHblog might recall a couple of recent posts about the PCH VIP loyalty program:

And by now, you may be thinking, “OK, I get it. There really are advantages to becoming a PCH VIP.” And those advantages aren’t small – starting with all the extra cash you could win! There are so many people who make visiting PCH a part of their daily routine, just like eating breakfast and getting dressed. Whether you visit for hours at a time – entering contests or playing games … or just spend a few minutes to make sure you get your daily entries in, you’re making a decision that says “I want to win!”

And all it takes to become a PCH VIP/VIP Elite is to keep making that decision every day! It’s such a simple thing and in almost no time you’ll have earned that VIP/VIP Elite badge and qualify for bigger and better prizes – including prizes that only are available to PCH VIPs and VIP Elites!

So, have you done it yet? Have you earned that VIP badge next to your name? Or even better, have you achieved becoming VIP Elite?

VIP Private Access Week Kicks Off Today

Starting today and lasting all week is VIP Private Access Week, a special event that will award cash prizes to thousands of winners nationwide, but only PCH VIPs and PCH VIP Elites are eligible to enter!

VIP Private Access Week not only enables PCH to directly reward its most active sweepstakes participants, but also provides a key incentive to those who have yet to achieve VIP status. And remember, those extra entries you claim or games you play every day are exactly what could make the difference between entering and winning.

Becoming a PCH VIP or PCH VIP Elite now is easier than ever, especially if you’re already a fan of PCH. Just by entering giveaways, playing games, or even watching a video at PCHfrontpage, you could become a PCH VIP/VIP Elite in less than one month! So get started today. There’s literally nothing to lose (every contest, game, etc. always is 100% free) and so much more to win!

Russell S.
PCH Creative


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