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The Prize Patrol Looks Back On Their PCHlotto PowerPrize Winner!

Have you heard about the Prize Patrol’s recent PowerPrize giveaway, where they awarded our PCHlotto prize of $4,978,632.00? We always award a lot of money at Publishers Clearing House, but I love it when our PCHlotto prize giveaway amounts are this big!

We’ve been talking about this fantastic prize award for a while, and we’re so glad it finally came! The PowerPrize from PCHlotto is pretty unique, and Howie and Danielle couldn’t wait to get out on the road to award it to the winner.

But this time, things didn’t go exactly as planned. First, the Prize Patrol had a hard time finding their winner.  Danielle and Howie arrived at the winner’s apartment, but she wasn’t home! But as luck would have it, Kim, the apartment building’s manager, just happened to be in the hall!

“Kim was so super helpful,” Howie explained. “We told her who we were, and she was immediately very excited to help us. In fact, she was friends with the winner, so she was sure she knew where she was.”

Kim was pretty sure that the winner was at church, but after waiting a while it turned out it wasn’t the case! The Prize Patrol figured out that she was at one of her several jobs, so they hopped back in the van (along with their huge entourage of TV station news crews that joined the search) and drove to a nearby office building.

Here’s what happened next!

That’s right, Carli Steffes of Sioux Falls, South Dakota became our newest PCHlotto PowerPrize winner!

“She was so deserving,” Danielle told me. “She told us and the news crews that she had been dealing with some serious health problems. Her medical bills had been piling up, so we felt great that we were truly able to help her! It makes us so happy!”

After handing over the Big Check, Danielle and Howie were feeling great and wanted to celebrate. They heard from Carli that while they were in Sioux Falls, they needed to stop by the Falls and see what all the fuss was about. So the Prize Patrol and their trusty cameraman Derek hopped back in the van and headed over to the well-known landmark. As you can see from the pictures they posted, it was well worth it!

“It was great to take in so much beauty,” Howie said. “The people in the area were really friendly too. Everyone was giving us tips about the best spot to take pictures, where we should eat, stuff like that. I hope we get to return here some day!”

Wow, maybe someday I’ll get to visit Carli on one of my winner follow up interviews. And if YOU enter the Publishers Clearing House PCHlotto PowerPrize and are selected the winner, my interview could be with you! But you have to be in it to win it. Enter today!

Matt K.
PCH Correspondent

P.S. – It always amazes me that so many of the people who win from Publishers Clearing House are so incredibly deserving of the money we are able to give them! So let’s hear it – what do you think would make you or someone you know a deserving person? Tell us in the comments below!




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