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Who Wants A Visit From The Prize Patrol On Friday?

“There they go, out the door again!”

You hear that pretty often around the Publishers Clearing House offices when people talk about the Prize Patrol! Seriously, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve walked over to Danielle or Howie’s desks only to find a note that says “Out On Prize Patrol – Be Back Soon!”

There are times when I want to talk to them about official PCH business or to just chat about their recent travels. But I know someone who probably wants to see them more than me—YOU!

If the Prize Patrol were to come to your house this Friday, would you be ready? We want to hear all about how you’d welcome them to your home!

First Things First

Did you enter? There’s still a chance to get your entry in for this next big SuperPrize! That’s right, we’ll soon be taking a Special Early Look to see if the winning number was returned for our $7,000.00 A Week For Life Prize Event. If there is no match to the winning number, we’ll be awarding a big $1 Million base prize to an alternate winner in a random drawing. Either way, you’re only in the running if you have an entry on file! So make sure you head on over to and get your entry in right now!

What Would You Say?

Let’s imagine what it would be like if you won! Envision Howie and Danielle standing at your door with a big check, champagne, balloons—Everything! What would you say? Tell us in the comments below! Would it be “oh my goodness”? Would it just be a shriek of delight? Or if you were going to coin a new famous catchphrase, what would it be? Use that comment box to make your thoughts known!

Who Would You Call?

I was down in the Inside PCH video studio recently when they aired the winning moment of the memorable John Johnson. John called his daughter and had a little fun with her on camera right after his winning moment. I’m always curious about who people would call first. Tell us in the comments below, who would you call first? A parent? A sibling? Who would want to know first?

How Would You Celebrate?

Let’s keep imagining that you’ve won! You’ve got a $7,000.00 A Week For Life SuperPrize, and the Prize Patrol is in your home! Where would you want to go with them to celebrate? What sort of party would you want to throw to commemorate this incredible windfall? Tell us in the comments below who you’d want to invite. What food would you eat? Would the party have a theme? Would you have it at your house or at a place nearby? Let everyone here at Publishers Clearing House know!

Make It Count

If you’re reading this, I really hope you’ve entered. If you truly believe you deserve to be a Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize winner, you really should make the most of every single opportunity we give you. So many people have dreams that never come true because they don’t give it their all. Make sure you’re not one of them and enter at right now! Tell us below what it is that keeps you going. What is it that keeps you entering every chance you get?

Keep on believing! Winners are made every single day at PCH, and this next one could be you!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. – If you were going to write the Prize Patrol a special Welcome Sign for your door, what would it say? Tell us in a comment below!




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  1. If I won I wouldn’t call anyone but I would order a new phone. To celebrate, the first exciting thing I would do is… keep it a surprise! The Prize Patrol is NOT the only
    ones that get to “surprise” folks. Sharing is what life is all about.