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PCH Prizes are in full bloom for April Winners!

April Showers bring… PCH PRIZES! This Month in Winning leads in to a bright and sunny start to the month of May as we congratulate all of our April PCHSearch&Win Winners on their amazing prize wins! Hip, hip, hooray!

As you can tell, I’m so excited to share this awesome news with you! In the month of April, PCH fans had the opportunity to Spring Into Action and get in to win PCH prizes! These folks found that searching the web and entering to win at PCHSearch&Win paid off!

See for yourself! Take a look at this list of people who “Sprung Into Action” and learned that searching at PCHSearch&Win paid off with PRIZE WINS!


Wow! Isn’t that list of winners amazing? PCH prizes are in full bloom for these prize winners! And the sun keeps shining for PCH fans like YOU who are looking to get in to win! Read carefully: YOUR NAME, I repeat, YOUR NAME COULD BE ON NEXT MONTH’S LIST! This May, you could be celebrated along with all of the other PCHSearch&Win Winners! All you have to do is search to rack up those prize-winning opportunities and you’ll stay in it to win it!

You know what else is great about April, May, and Spring, in general? Baseball is back! Are you looking to go to a few professional baseball games this summer? PCHSearch&Win will help you find baseball games in any area around the country! In addition, PCHSearch&Win can help you find baseball merchandise, scores, and more! Plus, did you know that PCHFrontpage has an entire section dedicated to sports? Read sports news and search over there for more chances to win big!

As you can see, PCH loves to give fans like YOU many ways to win big. So, what are you waiting for? Keep searching, playing, and entering every way you can – that way, you know you’ll be in to win for a big prize to come your way!

Have fun!

Nicole M.
PCH Creative


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