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#WinnerWednesday: PCH Winners Aren’t Real, Are They?

Greetings, fans and friends, and Happy #WinnerWednesday! It’s time once again to celebrate winners of smaller PCH prizes here on the PCH Blog as well as on the PCH Fan Page on Facebook!

Now, as often as we showcase PCH winners of all amounts, whether here on the blog, on our social media pages, or in our famous TV commercials, we always hear the same line from those doubters out there: PCH winners aren’t real. Those prize winners are actors. It’s all fake … nobody really wins PCH prizes.”

Please let me state, in no uncertain terms, that Publishers Clearing House winners are very real. As I stated last #WinnerWednesday, there’s a new PCH winner every 5 minutes – and we have winners from every state, of every age, and from every walk of life. In fact, let’s meet 3 of them right now!

Juan Salazar is a PCH winner and a VIP Elite!

That’s Juan in the photo above, celebrating his recent $15,000 win from Giveaway #8801. Only winners with VIP Elite status can receive that designation on their Big Checks. Are YOU a VIP Elite like Juan?

Steven Snow is a PCH winner!

Steven recently cashed a check he won in the amount of $10,000. I think the little kids in the picture probably liked the balloons as much as Steven liked the check.

Mary Ann P. is a PCH winner!

Mary Ann, another VIP Elite, from New Bedford, MA recently won a PCH prize of $2,500. You’re probably wondering about the papers she’s holding – one is a congratulatory letter from our Department of Contest, and the other is an Affidavit of Eligibility.

So, there you go … 3 real Publishers Clearing House winners – real people who won real prizes. Are you ready to join them in the PCH Winners Circle? Then, enter every day in every way possible! And maybe YOU might soon be starring in a #WinnerWednesday blog!

Best of luck!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. Which state should the Prize Patrol travel to next? Come back to the blog this afternoon and let us know!

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