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SURPRISE! Today is our Day Of 1,000 Winners!

It’s back! Today is our second ever PCH Day of 1,000 Winners event! We had such a great time awarding so many prizes in our first go around that we decided to bring it back.

BUT HURRY! As in our first ever Day Of 1,000 Winners, this event is ONE DAY ONLY!

If it’s one thing we know here at Publishers Clearing House, it’s that our fans love to win. We try to give you what you love, which is why since 1967 we’ve awarded OVER $386 MILLION! Today we’ll be adding to that total.

If the thought of becoming one of our newest guaranteed winners doesn’t get you going, how about this: Our event Top Prize is $10,000! And it’s going to be personally awarded THIS FRIDAY by the Prize Patrol!

I want to remind all of you that this Day of 1,000 Winners event is ONE DAY ONLY! If you want to become one of our newest winners, or if you want win our Top Prize of $10,000, then you have to let us know by entering ASAP!

Enter now, and keep entering. We need to award 1,000 prizes, so it can’t hurt for you to claim multiple entries. Plus, when you enter now, you could win our current SuperPrize of $1,000,000 Up Front, $1,000 A Week For Life, Plus a Brand New Ford Explorer Platinum!

Okay, this will be my last reminder for you that this event is ONE DAY ONLY! There’s no time to put this off! I don’t want you to risk missing out on this Day Of 1,000 Winners. If you missed out on the last event, then this is the one you should be determined to get in on!

Want to become one of today’s guaranteed 1,000 winners? Just head to PCH and enter now!

Joe W.
PCH Creative

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