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Tell us about your personal “WINspiration”!

Dear PCH Friends, you always inspire US with your spirit and determination to keep the faith and keep on entering to win our amazing FREE prizes — including the prize we guarantee to award in weeks: $1,000,000 Plus $1,000 A Week For Life. 

What’s inspiring YOU to go for $1,000,000 Plus $1,000 A Week For Life?

Credit card balances … doctors’ bills … student loans … car payments — where does it all end? With YOU, if you use your WINspiration to enter and win $1,000,000 right away Plus $1,000 A Week For Life. That would wipe the slate clean, providing freedom from money worries for good!

Or maybe THIS is what inspires you …

Whenever we ask our BIG PCH Sweepstakes winners, “What will you do with your Prize Money?” they almost always say, “I’ll help my family.” Maybe that’s the WINspiration that keeps you entering faithfully. If you won a Million Dollars all at once on June 29th, you’d have LOTS of money to pay for your kids’ college … or buy a new home for Mom and Dad. (And don’t forget: our June 29th Winner will also receive $1,000 every week for life!)

Does a WINspiration like this sound familiar?


Would you love to renovate your kitchen … your bathroom … add a new deck … or spruce up the apartment with a new paint job, carpet and furniture? Let THAT be your WINspiration to enter every day at PCH to win in weeks! All of your renovation/decoration dreams could come true — or better yet, you could buy a new DREAM HOME if you win our guaranteed prize of $1,000,000 at once plus $1,000 A Week For Life.  (Hey, the winner will even get a brand-new Ford Explorer valued at $55,530 to park out front!)

LOTS of our PCH friends are inspired by THIS …


Whether it’s helping veterans or active armed forces members or contributing to charities that really mean a lot to us, we’d all love to make a difference. (“Giving away” and “Giving Back” is our passion at Publishers Clearing House.) Entering now and winning in weeks could become your chance to help others in a very significant way.

PLEASE jot down your “WINspiration” in the “Comments” section below!

Since you’re OUR inspiration, we’re very anxious to know what motivates you to “stay in the game” and use every means possible to enter to WIN (click this link!). Please share your winning thoughts with all of us!

Most important, enter-enter-ENTER – and then enter some MORE! Someone is definitely, positively going to become ONE MILLION DOLLARS richer all at once on June 29th, with a lifetime of weekly $1,000 check to look forward to. Any one of the entries you fire off between now and then could make that person YOU!

Stay WINspired!

Publishers Clearing House


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  1. I am 81 years old with a heart condition. The 1 million award would leave my family comfortable especially my wife in a position to live
    in a moderate way. She is special special lady putting up with me 57 years. She deserves an award. Your consideration will be appreciated.