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4 Ways To Keep Your Cool With PCHSearch&Win

Hello, PCH fans!

It’s starting to get hotter and hotter with each passing day, and there’s only so much the A/C can do! If you’re looking for more ways to keep cool and beat the heat, then take a look with PCHSearch&Win! Not only will you find hundreds of great ideas and activities, but you’ll also be automatically entered to win our latest SuperPrize with your first search of the day!

Look no further than PCHSearch&Win to find great ways to keep cool and beat the heat!

1. Take a trip to the beach!

There’s nothing better than the cool relief of splashing into the cool Atlantic water after scampering across an expanse of scorching sand! Plus, you can bring along your friends and make a day out of it! Summer is BBQ season after all­–have yourselves a beach cookout and keep cool as the sun starts to set in the evening. Use PCHSearch&Win to look for nearby beaches and recreational parks—you never know what may just be around the corner! And, you can use PCHSearch&Win to find great pack-and-go recipes to take with you!

2. Get down–to the basement!

More often than not, your basement is the coolest part of your house during the hot and humid summer months. Chill out (literally!) in the basement; you don’t have to leave home, and you’ll still keep cool! With PCHSearch&Win, you can find tons of indoor games and activities to learn and play with family and friends!

3. Ice, ice, baby!

Did you know that your neck is often one of the warmest parts of your body? Me neither! But with PCHSearch&Win, you can find tons of great ways to keep cool using items you already have in your home! For example, you can place a damp towel in the freezer for about a half hour and then wrap it around your neck. Keeping your neck cool will help keep you cool!

And use that ice tray to your advantage! Take some ice cubes and rub the ice around strategic pulse points – your wrists, the base of your neck, and just below your ears. These pulse points tend to produce more heat, and the ice will help you keep cool!

4. Let it flow!

Keeping the A/C on can be costly, so you’ll want to search for low-cost ways to keep cool! With PCHSearch&Win you can find tons of great money-saving ideas that will also help keep your house cool! One great tip I found was that if you have wall or window units, only run the units when there are people in the room, otherwise it’ll just be your couch enjoying the cool breeze!

During the day, running fans and keeping windows open will also help save money! The open windows help provide a cross-breeze and keep air flowing through your home! Fans will do the trick as well!

Keep cool!

The summer months can be a doozy, but there are plenty of ways to beat the heat! With all the great suggestions from PCHSearch&Win your summer will be super cool!

Best of luck!

Kira T.
PCH Creative Intern

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