#WinnerWednesday: More PCH Winners Write about Their Wins!

Greetings, fans and friends!

Two weeks ago, on our #WinnerWednesday blog, we featured real comments from real PCH winners. It just goes to show you that whether you win a smaller PCH prize or a major SuperPrize like the one we recently awarded to Ruth Johnson of Pennsylvania, PCH winners are happy people indeed!

So, here are more inspiring comments from PCH winners on what it feels like to win … what they plan to do with their winnings … and what they’d say to other people about Publishers Clearing House:

Again, these are real comments from real PCH winners who are proud to tell everyone how thrilled they are to win PCH prizes!


What would YOU say if you were a PCH winner? I’ll bet you’d be pretty clear about one thing: You’d tell everyone out there to enter every day in every way possible! Because, as you fans out there tell us all the time here on the blog, “You have to be in it to win it”!

Best of luck!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. If you’ve already won a PCH prize – of any amount – please comment below by writing, “I am a PCH winner!” and let all our blog readers know! Or, tweet us using the hashtag #WinnerWednesday. Who knows? YOU might be starring in a future #WinnerWednesday blog!

P.P.S. Do you have issues with paying your bills? Come back to the blog this afternoon and read what Tina has to say!



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  1. This is donna nelan from bklyn ny I play everyday I’m a vip elite and at the diamond level I pray daily that the prize patrol shows up to my house as I am a single mom and a grandma and all live with me and we are really struggling as I’m on disability and financially we are behind in rent and utilities and my puppy is sick and needs treatments I can’t afford. I sincerely pray to my lord that something comes out of how hard I play so I can catch up on everything and take the burden off my kids if I hit the million or the thousand a day it would allow us to get the house we have dreamed off and not worry about rent anymore. I did the winners selection list stuff in the mail for the thousand a day and sent t back and praying all day everyday that god allows something good to come out of this soon for my kids and granddaughters. Please say a pray



    Winning this award would be a time of great happiness for my whole family. I would change our lives forever.

    I am Positive and I believe that dreams come true. Yes i believe.

    I want to win the PCH SUPERPRIZE Gwy. NO.11000 x $ 1,000.00 a day for life and Gwy. No. 11002 x $ 50,000.00 on August 31,2018

  3. thank you so much for you support im going through alot at this place they are constantly in my accounts ordering things and stealing from me,i finally was told that they had a studio apartment available but i realize ive been through so much …i dont trust that its going to be ok..ive been going to church and crying out to my god,i will see my grandson for the 2nd time today at our family reunion, my sister gave me alot of nice things and someone have stolen most of it …..i finally started looking at my self and taking a daily inventory,its really important that i take a long hard look at what i do and make better choices ….Right now i dont have a working phone and ,they even stole my domestic money,i dont even have a role of toilet paper right now if ive won anything im hoping its in safe keeping….at this place i have recieved anything(nothing)im having faith that the angels really have me these people are well against me…im constantly trying to find the real website because its spoofing,spam and phishing daily here,there is miracles i know it is but my reality is ,,just knowing my god has a plan i dot know what its believe me ive worked this hard im not willing to quit now,so i just kept trying they even have google,in spoofing its all bad