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The Wall of Winners is Growing Every Day!

Right inside the front door of PCH headquarters here in Long Island, we’ve got a big, beautiful gallery of “Winning Moment” photos — pictures of our winners receiving their roses, balloons and BIG CHECKS — and we’re adding new faces all the time!

It makes me feel good to see our winners’ smiling faces every morning … and reminds me that at PCH, it truly is “All About Winning!”

Our Prize Patrol Team has plenty of memories and stories “from the road” – about the challenges of finding each and every winner and planning a surprise that he or she would never forget! Click this link for some heartwarming winner memories our veteran Prize Patrol member Dave Sayer shares with us.

There’s Jane Goodwin, who was out on a shopping cruise to Provincetown, MA when the Prize Patrol pulled up to her house with a “Big Check.”  No worries … they just drove down to the dock to surprise her (and her fellow passengers!) with her big PCH prize.

Under Jane’s photo is Boris Clinton’s – the PCH millionaire our Prize Patrol actually had to awaken from a sound sleep (he’d been up very early that day).  He probably thought that he was was still asleep and happily dreaming about winning a big PCH prize.

Jo Ann and Ora were speechless when they learned that they’d won $5,000 A Week For Life … and after that, $5,000 A Week for the lifetime of someone dear. All told, Publishers Clearing House has given away six amazing “Forever Prizes.”

Will we add YOUR picture to our PCH Wall of Winners?

Publishers Clearing House is gearing up for yet another Millionaire-Making “Winning Moment”: with our $1,000 A Day For Life prize event on August 31st. Enter now, tomorrow and every day – every which way you can – and soon, I might see YOUR framed picture up on the wall inside our front lobby.  And you know what? You’d look like a Million Bucks!

All the best,

PCH Creative

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