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If You Woke Up Tomorrow A Millionaire, How Would You Spend Your Day?

As a Publishers Clearing House employee, I could never win one of PCH’s famous millionaire-making prizes – but YOU could! In fact, you could win a life-changing PCH fortune very soon: $1,000 A DAY FOR LIFE in our August 31st Prize Event.  With $1,000 coming in every day for life, you’d become a millionaire in no time! How would you spend your day?

Imagine, waking up in a huge king-sized bed, on the most comfortable, expensive mattress available, swaddled in silky imported 1,000 thread-count sheets. You’re so comfortable, it’s hard to get up … so snooze a bit longer.  Okay, ready now?

Enjoy your luxurious, custom-designed bathroom!

Go into your gorgeous “dream bathroom,” with the heated marble floor and fluffy Egyptian cotton towels on heated towel racks.  Have a soak in the deep tub with spa jets, while watching your favorite morning show on the wall-mounted TV.

Imagine breakfast in an amazing new kitchen!

You’d sit near a sunny window, sip your coffee and just feast your eyes on your beautiful brand- new kitchen, with its custom cabinetry, professional appliances, granite countertops and kitchen island.  If you won $1,000 A Day For Life, you could have the new kitchen you’ve always dreamed of!

Would you take your fabulous new car out for a spin?

Or, instead of a flashy new sports car, maybe you’d prefer to cruise around in a big luxury sedan or truck, packed with every cushy option in the book. As a PCH Millionaire, you would decide just what kind of dream car you’d love to own!

How about a drive to the travel agency?

Where would a PCH Millionaire’s luxury dream vacation take YOU? To an exotic, all-inclusive beach spa … on a world-class world cruise … to Europe, Africa or Asia?  As a winner of $1,000 A Day For Life, you wouldn’t have to choose — you could see it all!

Time for lunch! Treat your friends at that new expensive bistro!

Go ahead … splurge on appetizers, dessert, even wine!  PCH Millionaires can order anything on the menu and pick up the tab, without looking at the prices!

Where to next, PCH Millionaire?

Would you drive to the dock, and take out the new cabin cruiser?  Do 18 holes at the golf club with your custom-designed irons? Tool over to the luxury mall for a little “retail therapy”? Or maybe, head on home and have the gang over at the fabulous swimming pool you put in your backyard?

If you woke up a millionaire, how you would spend the day would be entirely up to YOU. I’m sure you have brilliant ideas on what you would do with a $1,000 A Day For Life fortune, and we’d LOVE to hear about them.

Tell us how you’d spend your day as a Millionaire in the “Comments” section below!

You must KNOW what I’m going to say next! Yep: you’ve got to enter, Enter, ENTER and then enter some more if you want to make your dreams of winning come true! Do it every day, because you never know which entry will be a match for the winner. Click this link for all the easy ways how.

Stay well, my friends … and good luck!



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  1. If I woke up a millionaire tomorrow morning, I would immediately start looking around for home elevator makers. My wife is handicapped, and if I could find an elevator that would fit our house, it would allow her to live in our house for years to come. We have stairs to get outside and down to the car, and the stairs are become more difficult to navigate. The money would allow us to live in our house forever.
    After the elevator, we would take a trip to Paris, create a fund to help our family members in need, and throw more family parties.

  2. We’ve been in need of a better vehicle, ☝️#1 we’d be able to go vehicle shopping. Then we’d put our thoughts on family members. I haven’t seen my sister who lives in GA in few years. We’ve never been on an air plane anywhere, imagine that PCH.