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July Was the Hottest Month In Winning Yet!!!

Regardless of where in this great land of ours you reside, you probably dealt with some scorching temperatures this past month. Yes, even parts of Alaska made it into the 80s during July. And here at Publishers Clearing House, this month in winning – which wraps up tomorrow – at PCHSearch&Win has been equally as hot! Already, thousands of dollars in cash, gift cards, and other great prizes have travelled in every direction to provide PCH fans with some welcome relief.

Fans of Search&Win know a good deal when they see one. Every day, they get welcome tokens, bonus search tokens, on-point search results, entry into the SuperPrize, and daily chances to win. Seriously, find me another search engine that can do all that!!! In fact, it probably just makes good sense to make Search&Win your home page. Then, every time you log on, you can go ahead and get that SuperPrize entry and get in the running for awards like the ones that follow.

Let’s congratulate this month’s winners and keep striving to be on the list next month!

Keep in mind that PCHSearch&Win has hundreds of winners every month, so this list represents just a fraction of those who found exactly what they were looking for – great search results and a PCH win!

Keep searching,

Russell S.
PCH Creative




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