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Play Lightning Laps Racing For Some High-Speed Fun!

It’s summer, which means most of your plans will involve being outside. And what would improve your summer more than winning a cash prize? So, before you run out into the heat, head to PCH to play Lightning Laps Racing!

This game is FAST! It’s the perfect game for summer when you want to go for an instant win cash prize and rack up Tokens but only have a little bit of time to play a game.

It’s also easy to play! All you have to do to play is select which car you think you will win the race. No need to stress yourself about trying to catch up to the other cars, no need to avoid crashing into other cars. Pick your car, maybe your favorite color, and watch it go!

The race is only 3 laps around the track, so kick back, relax, and watch how your car does. Think you can pick a winner?

Whatever place your car comes in, you’ll be certain to score Tokens. But the higher you place, the larger the amount. Even more exciting, though, is your opportunity to instantly win cash!

Once you’ve played Lightning Laps Racing today, why don’t you try some other instant win arcade games? Each one won’t take you that long to play, but the winnings could take you a long way!

These games offer an instant win $1,000 cash prize that you could put towards bills or debt. Or maybe you just need a quick summer vacation! What would you use your $1,000 towards?

Don’t worry about fitting it into your busy schedule. There’s a reason we put “Lightning” in this game’s name. With just a few clicks you can score Tokens and go for an instant win $1,000! Go play Lightning Laps Racing NOW!

Joe W.
PCH Creative

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