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You’ve met Matt, the Stats Man… but are you familiar with Winnerologist Eve Fish? If you’re an Inside PCH fan, you probably are, but for those of you who don’t know her, Eve is the Assistant Vice President of Customer Marketing here at Publishers Clearing House AND our house Winnerologist!

Granted, being a Winnerologist is lots of fun, but it’s no easy task! Eve is an expert at creating effective strategies to keep PCH fans happy and winning! That’s a lot of people to please! We thought you might like to get to know Eve a little better, so I chatted with her and asked her a few questions. Here’s what she had to say!

How long have you been with PCH?

Wow – I’ll have been at PCH for about 20 YEARS this February (2019). I started as an entry-level marketing analyst and now I am Assistant Vice President of Customer Marketing a.k.a. Winnerologist! You may have seen me MANY years ago on the Prize Patrol delivering Million Dollar Checks to winners across America. In fact, I was the original Prize Patrol Elite Member (before Facebook and blogs like ours, were even popular).

What was it like being on the PCH Prize Patrol?

It was fantastic. Being on the Prize Patrol was like being Santa Claus. I was able to meet some of our customers and change their lives forever. I’ve personally given away over $10 Million in prizes.

What do you do as a Winnerologist?

I have two jobs. One is representing the PCH customer, as this has been my passion since I began. Throughout the years, I’ve heard “why don’t we just split the money to make more people winners instead of that HUGE $1,000.00 EVERY DAY FOR LIFE to just one winner?” So, I thought… why not do both?! So now we have a team at PCH that develops promotions to make hundreds of thousands of winners across the entire country. Some prizes may even be a $10 check in the mail (in fact, as Winnerologist, I get to announce winners in every state). There have been over 150,000 winners since I began my role as “Winnerologist” earlier this year alone! Danielle, Howie and Dave still get to deliver THE BIG CHECKS themselves. My favorite promotion our team has developed so far was “Day of 1,000 Winners,” ( where we awarded 1,000 prizes in one day ranging from $10.00.00 all the way up to $10,000.00!

Is working on Inside PCH as fun as it looks?

Most of my day to day work involves being in meetings with the Marketing and Contest teams developing promotions to be announced on Inside PCH; and I am SO LUCKY to be able to announce the winners Live on our Fan Page on Facebook. My favorite part is watching Danielle work her magic on screen. She just loves what she does, and I can imagine why! Even though I can’t meet all the winners in person, I really hope I can at least have a part in making our friends like you feel special – as you all are!

Do you have a favorite Winnerologist moment?

I do! During filming for our last PCH Pay Day, I was having trouble saying the names of some of the towns across America – that was embarrassing! Learning about the culture, the foods, the important things that make each state and city so unique is my absolute favorite part to learn. For example, I didn’t know what a beignet was, and I couldn’t even say it! That sounds like something I NEED to eat PRONTO!

Isn’t Eve great? It’s clear that she really loves what she does at PCH. I guess that’s why she’s always smiling! So, as you can see, Eve is integral member of our PCH Team, and we all have her to thank for much of the fun and winning that goes on here!

If you want to catch a glimpse of Winnerologist Eve in action, make sure to tune into Inside PCH, which airs on Mondays at 2 PM, ET on our PCH Fan Page on Facebook, where she’s often a featured guest! Let’s all give Eve a shout-out: Thanks for keeping the winning going, Eve! We don’t know what we’d do without you!

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PCH Creative


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