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A Summer Cornucopia With PCHSeach&Win!

Hello dearest PCH readers!

You’ve guessed it, it’s time for another recipe blog! But this time, I’m going to show you some of my favorite baking recipes that I’ve found with PCHSearch&Win! Don’t get me wrong, I love cooking as much as the next person, but I find a particular passion for baking! In fact, I bake something every week for my amazing PCH coworkers!

Finding a variety of delicious recipes may seem like a daunting task, but with PCHSearch&Win you can find hundreds of great recipes and you’ll be entered to win our latest SuperPrize upon your first search of the day!

My first challenge was this: to find a yummy bake that’s perfect for the summer. I hopped onto PCHSearch&Win to look for some great recipes! Whenever I think of summer, I think of all the wonderful fresh fruit that we get! My favorite fruit has to be raspberries, so I searched for some raspberry baking recipes, and there were so many to choose from!

And with so many great recipes, there came my second challenge: to bake more than I’ve ever baked in a single weekend. I was ready for the undertaking, and I started with a fantastic raspberry chocolate chip brownie recipe!

Baking recipes from scratch has always been something I love to do! Recently, I’ve been on a health kick, but that doesn’t stop me from whipping up something yummy and chocolatey! This is the fully mixed batter—raspberries and all! In order to prepare this for my fantastic coworkers, I decided to get a little fancy…

I borrowed a mini cupcake tin from one of my roommates and divided the batter out, and I had some leftover berries, so I topped each brownie with a little raspberry! So super cute, and so easy! A perfect summer bake for a combination of sweet raspberry and rich chocolate!

Sticking to my raspberry theme, I went back to PCHSearch&Win to search for another recipe! I landed on a delicious fresh raspberry scone recipe and got right back to it!

I set up my ingredients and got to work. Incidentally, I also chose to make a savory scone recipe (tomato and goat cheese, yum!) so there was plenty of dough to go around.

The dough was very sticky due to the raspberries, so I made sure to flour a baking tray to roll it out.

I shaped the dough into a (somewhat) neat round so that I could cut the dough into little triangles. I also split the dough in half to make two rounds. By halving the dough, I wound up with two smaller rounds, which means: mini scones!

I cut up the dough, and then I would place them onto a baking sheet! This process was identical for the savory scones, and now they’re ready to head into the oven!

Yum! So many goodies! But something told me I needed something more…I hopped right back on to PCHSearch&Win to find a classic, good ol’ chocolate chip cookie recipe.

It was so hard not to eat all of the cookie dough! This recipe called for a combination of cane and brown sugar, and the smell was just amazing.

After dolloping the dough onto the pan, they went straight into the oven to bake.

In no time at all, my goodies were ready to go! Coming into the office on Monday morning was surely a surprise to my coworkers! Before the day was even over, everything had been gobbled up! (Fortunately, I had saved some extras at home for my roommates!)

And there you have it! Super easy summer bakes, great to take to parties, BBQs, and the beach! This entire cornucopia was gathered from PCHSearch&Win (link to and you can find all of these recipes and more when you search, and you’ll be entered to win our latest SuperPrize with your first search of the day!

Happy baking!

Kira T.
PCH Creative Intern

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