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PCH Pay Day is Coming!

PCH Pay Day is fast approaching friends! We’re beyond excited to remind you that on August 31st one lucky winner is going to be getting a surprise knock on their door, where they will be greeted by the Prize Patrol with balloons, roses, champagne, oh and let’s not forget a BIG CHECK for $1,000 A Day For Life OR $1 Million! Yes, you read that right! One person could win $1,000 EVERY DAY for the rest of their life. Will the winner be YOU!? You can catch the actions on Inside PCH on Friday, August 31st at 2PM ET!

We’ve got over 20,000 prizes of all amounts ready to be awarded to winners across America during PCH Pay Day! We’ll be awarding some of these during the show. You’ll be able to see our Winnerologist Eve Fish in action as she mans the map and announces our winners! And you’ll also get to see Matt the Stats Man giving us winner stats and interesting facts about PCH! And wait, it gets BETTER! On top of someone who could win our $1,000 A Day For Life SuperPrize, and 20,000 more people winning prizes that day, we are ALSO going to be on the road to award $10,000 to ANOTHER winner!

WOW – that’s so much money, I don’t even think I can keep track! I sure do love my job. I mean, to be able to say we are awarding that much money to that many people in one day is truly magical! You mustn’t forget to tune in to the PCH LIVE show, where you’ll see Danielle hosting AND you’ll see the live SuperPrize award as it happens! Who’s excited!? Tell us in the comments below just how excited you are!

Wishing all our fans the best of luck on August 31st!

Dillon S.
Promotion Development

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