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August Was A HOT Month In Winning

Here in New York, it has been a sweltering month of August! In fact, it turns out record-high temperatures have fallen on every continent in the Northern Hemisphere this past month. And while we can look forward to a respite from the heat in the coming months, one thing that never cools off is the winning that happens every day at PCHSearch&Win! And it has been another stellar month in winning at the only search engine that could make you a PCH millionaire just by searching.

What does it take to become a PCHSearch&Win’ner? It just takes persistence and an inquisitive mind. Every day, find something to search for and you’re automatically entered to win that day’s prize(s) – plus, your first search of the day (post login) enters you to win the SuperPrize! Now, that’s hard to beat, and if you can’t beat ‘em, then join ‘em, just like this month’s winners did! So let’s give some of August’s winners a big shout-out!

Want to see your name in the September Month In Winning article? Keep searching and going for your chances to win.

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Russell S.
PCH Creative

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