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October Month In Winning At PCHPlay&Win!

October is such a Spooktaular month! I love October because of Halloween time! AND I also love October because PCHPlay&Win prizewinners racked up amazing prizes during this month!

That’s right – many PCH fans played at our PCHPlay&Win sites and racked up tokens for a chance to win incredible prizes in October! We’re so happy to see that many PCH fans had fun over at PCHlotto, PCHkeno, and PCHFrontpage. PCH fans ALSO played their Lotto cards, entered tournaments, entered to win on the PCHApp by iPhone or Android for a shot to win in October… and many of them found that playing DID pay off when they took home prizes! That’s almost as SWEET as Trick Or Treat candy!!

And there’s no TRICK here! Many PCH fans found that a TREAT came their way: a PRIZE WIN! Curious who won this October? Keep reading right here to find out!

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WOO! That list is sweeter than a Pumpkin Spice Latte! Crisper than red leaves on a blissful Autumn day! More thrilling than Halloween night! You get the picture: being on the PCH winner’s list is just about as amazing as it comes!

Is this too GHOUL-d to be true? Nope! PCH awards prizes month after month at Play&Win, and next month, your name could be on the PCH prizewinners list! Stay in it to win it, keep playing at PCHPlay&Win, earn those tokens and redeem them at the PCH Redemption Center and you could be named a prizewinner!

Just stay in to win at PCHPlay&Win and your name could be on November’s PCH prizewinners list!

Nicole M.
PCH Creative

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