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Happy Halloween from PCH!

Happy Halloween, everybody! I (and the rest of the team at PCH) hope you have a fun and exciting day planned with your family! Whether you’re taking the kids trick-or-treating, going to a Halloween Party, or staying home and watching some scary movies (or, in my case, Hocus Pocus on repeat), you’re sure to have a spooktacular day!

One of my favorite things about Halloween is that it encourages people to be really creative. Of course, the most obvious incarnation of this is with costumes (and if you’re still coming up with a last minute idea, use PCHSearch&Win  to inspire some ideas.

Even at some of the parties I went to last weekend, I got to see some inspired outfits: one friend of mine went as Cleopatra, another as Rosie the Riveter, fellow PCHer Nicole M. was a beauty school dropout from her favorite film, Grease, and I wore Slytherin robes from Harry Potter (I was originally going to be King George III from Hamilton (and, you know, history), but unfortunately, my costume did not arrive in time). But I think the most creative costume I saw was “Scarrie Bradshaw,” mixing the Halloween spirit with the iconic Sex and the City lead.

But even beyond the usual costuming fun, I’ve found that Halloween gets other creativity flowing. For example, Nicole M. started spontaneously making up Halloween themed rhymes on the train ride home the other night! And fellow blog writer Russell S. always has tons of Halloween decorations, from spider webs to scary clowns (and some baked goods, because Halloween happens to be Russell’s birthday — happy birthday, Russell)!

The extra Halloween creativity might be just what you need by playing at PCHgames, by the way! Will you be able to master the creepy and challenging Spider Solitaire? Will you have a newfound intuition that will lead you to dominate Mahjongg Dark Dimensions? There’s only one way to find out!

Working in the PCH Creative Department, you see a lot of this energy (it’s why our site and email content is so much fun)! We always have some impressive costumes the day of Halloween: superheroes, zombies, tyrannosaurs rexes, we’ve had just about everything. Back when we were in our old offices, we even turned the areas of the building into a haunted house.

Here at our current offices, we have too much natural light for a haunted house, so instead, we’ve created some dry-erase board Halloween murals! The perks of working with super talented artists, right?

How do you plan on spending Halloween? What are your costume ideas? Have you decorated your home? What’s your favorite scary film? Let us know in the comments below!


Will F.
PCH Creative


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