Activate your Activation Code at to go for a HUGE PRIZE!

Did you get a special “snap pack”-style PCH Notice in the mail — that looks like the one pictured above? Excellent! It contains an important message and a special PCH Activation Code that you need to activate at immediately.

Carefully remove the tabs on the top, side and bottom of the packet and open it.

See the circled bold web address? Copy it now.

And when you hit “ENTER” …

Now … type your Activation Code into the Activation Code Input Form, hit ENTER and …

Awesome! Here’s where you’ll be asked out to fill out a simple Official Registration form then continue on to activate an entry to win an amazing $7,000 A Week For Life prize and go for one of 50 Cash Prizes, too.

So be sure to check your mailbox, and, and if you HAVE received a snap pack, follow my instructions above and activate it right away!

If you didn’t receive a notice in the mail, that’s ok! There are so many ways to enter at PCH, so why not visit  and get started?

Good luck!

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  1. I just received my http://www.pch activation code today. Did I make the deadline there is not a timely date on it? It looks like many pch friends got theirs early first week of Nov. 2018. I entered as directed, my fingers are crossed. Good luck to everyone else as well! I’m happy as long as someone wins it’s disappointing when it’s revealed there was not a winner and millions of us enter regularly.

  2. When I submitted mine, it took me back to the pch homepage. Is that supposed to happen? I’m wondering because I used a link in a pch blog post from earlier this year to submit it.

  3. I was contacted by social media says I was selected on line by the prize patrol. I supposedly won 8.1 m,and a 2018 Mercedes Benz. Mr John welsh is his name the prize patrol officer. I don’t believe this for 1 minute. Could some tell me if he legit.