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Do You Want To Be Set For Life?

You’ve seen our “Set For Life” commercials on TV. You’ve read our blogs telling you how the excitement is building for our newest PCH Sweepstakes. Hopefully you’ve entered to win and you’re ready to win a HUGE windfall that could change your life for the better – for life.

Seriously folks, who wouldn’t want to be Set For Life? And what’s the prize that can make that happen? Of course, it’s the $7,000.00 A Week For Life Special Early Look Prize Event scheduled for award on December 21st! What more can we do? And what are you waiting for? This could do it for you with a timely entry!

Some Fun Facts

Here’s a fun fact. With $7,000.00 checks coming in every week, that would total a new monthly income of $30,333.33. That’s like working a full time, 40-hour work week and earning $175.00 an hour! Wow, a PCH Sweepstakes winner would have that kind of money coming into their bank account without even lifting a finger!

Imagine what that comes out to for the year! You don’t have to imagine … I’ll tell you. It’s a HUGE $364,000.00! With that kind of money, you could buy the average U.S. home outright with no down payment, no mortgage … BAM! It’s yours! Talk about being Set For Life! As the years roll on, we’re talking millions of dollars to take care of loved ones, invest, travel to exotic destinations … you get the idea.


Okay, so you’ve got the desire to live a life free from financial worry.  If you want to be Set For Life, what’s next? Do I even have to say this out loud? You’ve got to enter, enter, enter every chance you get and any way you can before the final deadline of 11:59 PM EST on December 18th!! In fact, you can get started right here by clicking the Enter Now! button in the right-hand corner of this screen!

Why spend money on the lottery when you can enter the PCH Sweepstakes for FREE? And you can have fun doing it on our exciting properties like PCHgames … PCHlotto … PCH Blackjack … PCH Frontpage and more! That’s right, we’ve got Token Games, Slots, Scratch Offs and more to keep you entertained AND in the running for a BIG WIN.

So, if you want to be Set For Life you’ve got to take action, be in it to win it and keep the faith! We’ll be taking a Special Early Look to see if the winning number has been timely returned. If the winning number is not timely returned, we will still award a HUGE $1 Million in a second chance random drawing from among all eligible entries.

Don’t miss your chance to get in on this life-changing opportunity!

Best of luck to you all!

Jane M.
PCH Creative

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