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Do you guys remember the old Carol Burnett show? I loved it. It was so funny and I tuned in every week. In fact, Carol Burnett is an inspiration for me. She once said, “When you have a dream, you’ve got to grab it and never let go.” I love those inspiring words, and I think they come in particularly handy today (the day after the $7,000.00 A Week For Life SuperPrize entry deadline). And I want to help you guys keep that winning momentum going!

So, yesterday was the SuperPrize entry deadline. OK, I’m sure everyone who wants a shot at the super fortune has entered. But I want to remind you that that doesn’t mean you should wait around and lose steam… there are so many MORE sweepstakes and MORE ways to win at PCH every single day. Yes, the SuperPrize is the crème de la crème, but would you turn down $25,000.00, a new car or $1 Million? I think not! At PCH, there’s no reason for a lull!

Here are a few ideas on how you can stay close to your dream and keep the winning momentum going. The PCH Sweepstakes Page is a great place to start! It’s just overflowing with ways to win – and it’s crazy-fun too! Low on patience? No problem. Try PCH’s Instant-Win Page. You can play arcade and carnival games to your heart’s content, and if you win, it will be instant gratification!

Speaking of games, PCHgames is another primo location to help charge the winning momentum. Word games, card games, strategy and more – it’s just a great place to have fun and sustain your enthusiasm!

Do you prefer MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS? Well then PCHlotto should be your next stop – or maybe even your first! Talk about winning momentum… opportunities abound – Lotto is no joke. There’s the $2.5 Million MegaPrize card, the $1 Million daily Life Is Rich card, plenty of instant-win cards to play and let’s not forget everybody’s favorite… the PowerPrize! That’s where the HUGE money is hiding. The PowerPrize usually has a jackpot of several million, and if that doesn’t spark some winning momentum, I don’t know what will!

Now, don’t worry about yesterday’s SuperPrize entry deadline. Every day is an exciting day filled with inspiration and fun opportunities to win at PCH! So, keep that winning momentum going, folks! Grab your dream and never let it go, because any day could be YOUR DAY TO WIN!


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