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Have You Been Watching Inside PCH?

It’s been a year of winning here at Publishers Clearing House, and you don’t have to look much further than our weekly live show Inside PCH on our Facebook fan page to see why!  We’ve given away over $43 million dollars this year in total prizes – isn’t that amazing? And what’s so great about the Inside PCH show is that you get to meet many of the faces behind some of these winning moments!

Just recently, we featured $25,000.00 winner Haren Main as a guest on our show! He answered some great questions from our fans on Twitter,  and told us all about how he was going to use the money (like helping his kids in college). It’s incredible to think that this was his first big win from PCH! Check it out!

When I was a guest co-host on the show a month ago, Howie and I got to do a follow-up interview with Darin McGuire! I didn’t travel with Howie for the original winning moment the year before, but Howie did tell me how much fun he had when he and Dave Sayer met Darin’s family. It was great to video chat with them – check out the interview below!

Of course, who could forget our interview with YouTube sensations, Tay and Jay! Their enthusiasm for all things winning was super infectious, so we couldn’t wait to schedule them to be on our show. Take a look at their interview below!

Yes, they started their winning streak with a $10 prize, and then they got TWO spins on the big Prize Wheel! Tay and Jay won a Vizio TV AND a home music system. They were so much fun, and we wish them the best of luck with all of the things they’re doing in the future.

We’ve not only had guests on the show, but we’ve also traveled to parts of the country to follow up with past winners to see how life has changed. Here’s an interview I did not too long ago with $5,000.00 A Week “Forever” winner Ora Gayton of Chicago, IL!

Wasn’t that touching? We love catching up with our former winners! In the weeks ahead, we have a bunch of interviews and “Where Are They Now?” segments lined up for Inside PCH, so make sure you mark your calendar for show time! We’ll also be exploring new ways to feature fans just like you on the show! So, keep watching our social media pages for those opportunities, and keep watching Inside PCH hear about everything coming up at Publishers Clearing House!

Matt “The Stat Man” Kelly
PCH Correspondent

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