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PCH Is All About Free FUN!!!

Aside from the 1995 album from Matthew Sweet, it can be hard to find anything that is “100% fun!” And we know that right about now, with Prize Day come and gone, you may need that more than ever.  Fans like you know the importance of prize day because you know someone just like you really will win – and for that matter, why not you? So even though today may not have been your winning moment, when it comes to 100% free fun, look no further than !

Did you see today’s prize being awarded on our Fan Page on Facebook? Many of our fans tell us that they love watching our winning moments to see how a big check delivered by the Prize Patrol can change someone’s life forever.  Just seeing the winner’s reaction and tears of joy can be so much fun to watch, and so inspiring to help them “get back in the saddle” and start entering all over again!

And this is where PCH players differ from so many others — it’s because of a thing called “stick-to-it-tive-ness”; i.e., the desire to become a PCH millionaire, and the confidence not to give up.  Every entry is a new opportunity to win, every day is a new opportunity to win, and with PCH contests, games, and giveaways , there are just so many ways to do it!

Do it the PCH Way!

There’s always something new to search for at PCHsearch&win, plus

What’s that? You want more free fun? OK by us. Remember, you can play and enter all of your favorites again on your mobile device and again on the family of PCH apps, which are always free and available for both Android and iPhone.

More? OK, don’t forget about daily cash tournaments, bonus games, token leaderboard cash prizes, and all of the chances to go for gift cards, electronics, cash, and even cars with the tokens you’ve earned, at the PCHrewards Token Exchange. And there are even more exclusive opportunities to play to win for the best of the best with – PCH VIP Elite status!

PCH  is open for free fun 24/7/365! When one contest ends, another begins! Keep your quarters and forget subscription sites because every game is free. You just have to be in it to win it, so come and get it!!!

Russell S.
PCH Creative


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