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Looking for Nearby Restaurants this Weekend? Use PCHSearch&Win!

Let me ask you a question….Are you looking for  nearby restaurants this weekend? Who enjoys going out to dinner from time to time? Who enjoys gathering with family, friends, or a significant other and indulging in a delicious meal coupled with good conversation and atmosphere?! I know I do!

But for me, finding a great place to eat can be extremely stressful and daunting. Trying to satisfy to your own cravings let alone someone else’s can make choosing a restaurant frustrating! Don’t let it be that way! PCHSearch&Win makes it fun and easy to find look for nearby restaurants! It’s as simple as logging into PCHSearch&Win and using the search bar to find places to eat near you! The best part is, aside from finding great results on where to eat nearby, by using Search&Win, you’ll always be getting an entry in to the sweepstakes! That’s right, just by searching, you could be in the running to win $5,000 A Week “Forever” on February 28th – $5,000 every week for your life, and after that, $5,000 a week for the life of someone you choose. Pretty cool huh?

So if you’re looking for nearby restaurants this weekend, look no further than your phone or computer screen and use PCHSearch&Win to search for the best options for you! I hope you find a great spot to eat this weekend, and you realize how easy using PCHSearch&Win can be! P.S. I have a fun question for YOU…if the Prize Patrol was in YOUR home town, what restaurant would you recommend to them!? I know they are always looking for new places to try when they travel – so leave your suggestions in the comments below!

Happy Searching and Eating!

Dillon S.
Promotion Development

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