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10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Prize Patrol

Hey, PCH fans and friends! For today’s post, I wanted to give you all a little something fun to read! Something different than you’re used to reading….it’s not about entering the sweepstakes, it’s not about a deadline to enter by, and it’s not a new PCH game that we created. So, what IS it you ask? I decided to tell you guys not 1, not 2, but 10 fun facts about the PCH Prize Patrol! That’s right, here’s 10 things you didn’t know about Howie, Danielle, Dave or Todd!

  1. Howie’s favorite hobbies include fishing, sailing, gardening and birdwatching.
  2. Todd went to SUNY Buffalo.
  3. Todd knows how to skateboard.
  4. Dave’s favorite color is the color of money: GREEN!
  5. If Danielle could travel to one place, it would be Greece.
  6. The Prize Patrol loves the balloons on any day aside from windy or rainy days! They’ve had the balloons fly away, get wrapped around the check, and hit winners in the face because of the wind!
  7. Dave has an identical twin.
  8. Danielle is a vegetarian.
  9. Howie’s biggest pet peeve is when people are dishonest.
  10. Dave’s favorite holiday is Christmas.

Those are some awesome facts, huh? Which one of these facts surprised you the MOST? Tell us in the comments below! Aside from being PCH’s spokespeople and Prize Patrol deputies that travel the country making dreams come true, Howie, Dave, Danielle and Todd are REAL people with REAL lives! I find them all so interesting – I mean I could go on and on with fun facts about each of them! But for now, I’ll leave you with these 10!


Dillon S.
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  1. What does Danielle like to do besides eat vegetables?
    What does Dave do? His past time besides playing the piano beautifully. And does Howie ever catch any fish when he is out trying? And Todd what do you do besides follow along? Just joking with you ! I know you all work Hard long hours! I admire all of you!!

  2. It is just nice to know something about people you see as well as perfect as they always look. . I like this one very much, be careful getting around, I have heard of too many accidents lately!

  3. I would love to meet the prize patrol and that they would be able to give me a blessing and a dream come true, I’m in it to win it. Hope you guys come to Peachland NC.

  4. Tell Danielle that I want to return to Greece, and would like to travel there with her! I believe that we would have an interesting adventure! I visited Greece in 2009 on legal business and my beloved late wife was Greek.

  5. Aww… I want to get hit by a balloon in the face unexpected! That will be the coolest fun amazing surprise ever! 🥰 But I probably would give the balloon to my son or my daughter, and have no clue that there’s a check wrapped around the balloon string. I will think it’s just a weight holding down the balloon from flying away. Lol Oh boy that would be cool and Howie I got to give to you bro I don’t like dishonest people either. You got to keep it 100% always. But Either way all you guys are great! I get really really excited every time I see you guys on TV or when I play on PCH + or app which I’m always on it like 24/7 so I got the joy tingling feeling in my stomach all the time! Lol Yeah!! I love Publishes Clearing House. Prize Patrol I’m in it to win it I really hope, to see you guys someday oxox! 🙏🙏

  6. Thank You Dillon,
    I respectively love all you guys & gals!
    But, I’ve got to tell you that I thought this may have been true before, but now I’m
    Quite positive that Danielle, is a Vegetarian. Or Vegan. Whatever. But I
    Dismissed that thought because of the travel you do! Don’t you sneak in a lean
    Tenderloin Steak, or an oven browned Roast once in a while? Leg of Lamb, or…
    I’ll stop, I haven’t eaten yet today. I will tell you this, that my hobbies match one
    of the guys, and there are 2 of them.
    I am an avid gardener. Hey Howie! You Win! And I love to
    Bar-b-que! Thanks for the fun! Amen.